9 Men's Morris- Greek and Colonial Game



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Hi today i'm going to teach you a colonial game-9 men's morris. I printed the board out from the internet and put it on cardboard. It is very simple and more simple the way I'm telling you it

Step 1: What Do We Need- to Make the Board


-Internet template

-Playing pawns (Can made be out of paper) Labeled diffrently


I put in mine I made later thos day- They are labeled S and R

Stick the gameboard on The cardboard

Step 2: What Do We Need To- Play the Game

Your game pawns

Your board

There should be 18 in total-Nine yours and 9 other players

Step 3: How to Play

Each players starts with 9 pieces. So you place Your game places alternately on the dots of the board to create a 3 in a row line like Tic-Tac-Toe.All these dots you see on the game board you have to make 3 in a row.You can not put it diagonal and see the middle thing in between,the big square you can not do a "Mill" in between A mill is called when you do a three in a row.

Step 4: How to Play Part 2

You should out Mill when you get 3 in a row. The main objective is to get most mills and not let your oppenent to get most mills. In the image that's a mill.When you do a mill you take one of the oppenent's pieces (The pieces that go out cannot be used in futher play). A piece cannot be captured from a Mill unless no other pieces are left.

Step 5: How to Play-Part 3

When you are done both of you placing your pieces. You start moving your pieces You move your pieces to make more Mills and a mill can be broken and remade and remade and remade how ever many times you want.The pieces can be move at any dotted spots (Still not diagonal). When You are down to 3 pieces you can move anywhere open space you want (diagonal too). You ust move on all turns(yours)

Step 6: Winning

You are going to win if your opponent has only 2 pieces left, Orhas no legal moves

Have a nice time playing.



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