9 Volt Adapter From a Dead Battery

Introduction: 9 Volt Adapter From a Dead Battery

It was Sunday afternoon and instead of being at the beach gazing hot girls, I was blaspheming because I couldn't find a 9 V adapter to power supply my project and all the stores were closed. So I looked around and voila.

This is what you are going to need:

1) A 9 volt battery ( Use a dead one or else your consciousness should be itching you)
2) A wire cutter
3) Soldering stuff
4) A black wire (I used a black striped one)

Step 1: Strip Out the Battery

Strip out the battery from it's outside cover using a wire cutter.

Step 2: Disconnect the Candidate Adapter From the "energy Pack"

At this step you should remove completely the outside cover from the battery and cut the wires that connect our candidate adapter with the battery's core.

Step 3: Connect a Black Wire to the Negative Pole

We've cut the connections to the battery so we will have to solder a black wire to the negative pole at the back side the adapter.

Step 4: The Adapter Is Ready

And this what I was originally looking for. A 9 Volt power supply adapter.

Simple isn't it?



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    2 Discussions

    Yeah, simple and useful..

    This is a brilliant idea, I will be using this I am always running low on 9v clips!