9 Photos Merged in 1 Photo.

You must have saw people putting great effects in their photos using Photoshop.

Today, I am going to tell you a very new thing. Merging 9 different photos using “Photoshop CS3”. You can get this software from Adobe website.

Time required: 15 minutes

Images is show above:

Follow the given step to get as above:

Step 1: Step1

1) Open Photoshop CS3.

Go to file menu. Choose new.

Name it merged

Set the Width = 1920px

Height = 2080px

Resolution = 300px/inch

Background contents = transparent

As shown in above image

Step 2: Step 2

2) Open the image 1 from file menu.

Select Move tool . .

Now drag and drop the image to merged file.

Step 3: Step3

3) Open the image 2 from file menu.

Similarly drag and drop it just above the image 1.

Now change its opacity to 42%.

(You can change it from layer panel. To open layer panel go to window menu , and select layers)

Step 4: Step4 :

4) Similarly drag and drop the images


and keep decreasing their opacity. Opacity of last image9 should be below 10%.

5) Save it as jpeg.

Congrats you just created great photo within few minutes.

Images taken from different websites.

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