9 Volt Battery Secret Compartment





Introduction: 9 Volt Battery Secret Compartment

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im sure everyone has tons of dead batteries lying around their homes. for this simple instructable all you need is a 9volt battery, and some basic tools that everyone has. Like an X-Acto knife, pliers and files.

just a warning that their are a few safety risks when it comes to cutting open a batery that contains toxic acids and chemicals.

as a safety precaution i wore safety glasses.

Step 1:

First thing you have to do is slide the top out of the battery by cutting off the piece of the battery that folds over the top cover on oner of the shorter sides.(as shown in the image below)

to do this i first attempted to cut is with an X-acto. I found that ineffective so moved to filing the corner down, while trying my best not to scratch up the battery to much.

Once i had filed it down a bit i used the knife and pliers to carefully remove the flap, exposing the edge of the top cover.

Step 2:

Then came the really trick part. removing the top without wrecking it.

To do this I just used a wood carving chisel to stick under lid and pry it loose. then carefully remove it by sliding it out the side you opened.

Step 3:

Next is the fun (But Slightly Dangerous) task of removing the battery innards.

First remove the piece of card board from the top to expose the six cells.
Then carefully remove the cells by cutting them free from each other and pulling them out with pliers.

Step 4:

the bottom peice is not attrached in anyway, because it is originally held in by the insides of the battery.
simply stick it in place with some glue.

Step 5:

Next all you need to do is fill it up with your small valuables and slide the top back on.
And PRESTO no one will suspect a thing from an innocent battery.

its good for storing anything from money to your special herbs(Like Basil) :P.
bills can fit simply by folding them in half along the long side and rolling them up.

Just make sure no one throws it out thinking it actually is a dead battery. 



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    15 Discussions

    i thought of this after making it but it would probably be better, and less obvious to make the bottom the opening

    Actually you need to weigh the battery so its not light or someone will know its a storage battery

    this is a really cool re-purpose of a battery

    Is it water proof?

    I'm gonna make this a geocache


    4 years ago

    do you store your (basil) in one of these???

    1 reply

    Good place to stash your basil

    Is it possible to tell that there is a hidden compartment as it is lighter and easier to compress, or are those things hard to tell?

    1 reply

    that all really depends on what you put in it. if you're storing something light. once you pick it up it is very easy to tell that there is something wrong. but that can easily be fixed with a little piece of something that has some weight like a small rock, or even a small chunk of lead. For the most part it works well until it is picked up.

    I think I may try to make a geocashe with this idea thanks!

    1 reply