90cc Front Wheel Drive Trike/ Drift Trike

About: the names matt my dream is to make a living off things i make i drive a mini because its cheap to run and minis rule im self taught in everything i do, i work as a panel beater and thats about it

frame was made from two kids bikes engine is a 90cc chainsaw seat is from an old moped basically got board one day and just made this from stuff that was no longer being used it can be ridden as is or you can wrap the back wheels in pvc pipe and turn it into an insane drift trike this is an old picture of it will post new ones when i get a new camera



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    the one beside it is a 30cc trike made it for my little brother i also made a 50cc fwd drift trike the engine is mounted above of the wheel on that one as its chain driven it was easier to mount that way