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Hello to all Nerfians and Modifiers who love to take apart stuff and recreate or improvise to there own liking. This is one of my first projects that was created to my own liking. Let there be solder, spray paint, LED lights, inspiration, and 9MM was conceived.

Step 1: Supplies

Spray Paint
U Channel
Toy Gun
Led Light Strips
Soldering workstation
9volt battery/connector

Step 2: Take Toy Gun Apart

Unscrew and unassembled Toy Gun. Keep screws, take picture of what your toy gun looks like before you take pieces out. Your photo is a reference to where every piece is located. Take all pieces out that won't be spray paint. My gun came with a small circuit board ( I'll use that to solder my battery connector and LED light strips).

Step 3: Spray Paint

If you do not know how to spray paint there are infinite amounts of tutorials on applying spray paint, and spray painting procedures. In this instructions I will not go into detail about spray painting procedures. 9MM was sandpaper first, three coats of Matte French Cream (PAINT AND PRIMER IN ONE by RUS-OLEUM), two coats of Pearl Mist (PAINT AND PRIMER IN ONE METALLIC), and Rust-Oleum clear gloss.

Step 4: Cut a Window to Pistol Grip "Gun Handle"

You can use a dremel (rotary tool) to cut and apply a window. You first want to make a window shape ( to your preference ) for pistol grip. Once shape is created, use your dremel to cut out the shape (safety glasses for dust particles). Apply U channel once Window created (U channel gives a soft edge and is also aesthetic stylish), make a measurement of length and width of that window to apply the Windows shape to plexiglass. Cut plexiglass out, create a font (example: 9MM), and add font to plexiglass (spray paint, decal, or whatever). Then add plexiglass behind inner frame of pistol grip.


9MM Came with a circuit board (I solder my battery connector, and LED lights to the board). If yours doesn't come with a circuit board: you need one battery connector (mine was 9v) and LED light strips. If you do not know how to solder I recommend to learn and invest in good soldering equipment (Hakko) and solder (Rosin 60/40). Battery connector comes with two wires (red positive and black negative), and led strips come with indicators of positive and negative. Connect red wire with positive indication on led strip and black wire with the negative indication......add a 9volt battery and now you have light. Apply you lights to the inner frame of the gun....add a battery containment area to store power source and fire away ;)



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