9v Battery Phone Charger

This is a simple way to make a phone charger that uses 9v batteries to power your phone.

Step 1: Take Off the Shell to the Cheapest Car Charger You Can Find.

This will leave you with a board resembling the one I am Holding.

Step 2: Take Out the Connector From a 9v Battery of Buy a Connector Online.

It requires force so if you do not have many sharp tools I would recommend just buying one as they cost very little.

Step 3: Solder One Wire to the Far Left Metal Bar As Shown in the Picture.

For this I would recommend a clap because holding all the components to solder them is really the biggest challenge.

Step 4: Solder a Second Separate Wire to the Lower Metal Protrusion Like in the Picture.

Again a clap works wonders in soldering this.

Step 5: Solder the First Wire to the Negative on the Battery Connector.

Step 6: Solder the Second Wire to the Positive.

Step 7: Enjoy Using These 9v Batteries to Charge Your Phone

It charges very slow though.

Step 8: Extra Thoughts

I would make it better by 3D printing a case for it so it will not break as it is super fragile. I would also recommend if it does not work on your first time try moving the wires a bit because getting the right connection can be a big challenge.



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