9v LED Light!!! First Instructable!




Intro: 9v LED Light!!! First Instructable!

This light is basically for begginers at LEDs and circuitry, but it is still fun to make for pros. If you don't like it give me contructive critisism for my next instructable (not: This F'ing Suxs!!!). HAVE FUN!

(This picture is before i covered it with electrical tape and made it neat)

Step 1: What You Need!!!

What you will need is all at radioshack, Frys or any other electronic store (NOT home depot!). Buy boxes that have more than one item in it because they are usually less.

Items (for one Light):

x1- LED light (smaller wire coming out is -)
x1- Resistor
x1- 9v Battery
x1- 9v Battery Clip


Soldering Iron (with solder)
Glue Gun (need about 2 sticks)

Step 2: What Type of Resistors You Need.

If you are nerdy and uncool you may be smart enough to do the calculations and figure out what kind you need. But if your cool go to this website: Resistor Calculator.

Step 3: Starting the Project

Now to start the project:

1.Take the 9v Battery Clip and hot glue the led to the top of it (make it so the wires coming out of the LED come out of somewhere).

2. Take the Black Wire coming from the battery clip and solder it with the negative wire from the LED (negative is the shorter wire)

3. Then take the red wire coming from the battery clip and solder it to one of the leads coming from the switch.

4. After that take your resistor (make sure you know which side is the front) and sodler the wire coming from the front to the other lead coming from the switch. Make sure the leads do not touch or any metal from the resistor is touching the other wire.

5. Solder the wire coming from the back of the resistor to the positive wire coming from the LED.

6. Take your battery clip and clip in onto your battery. (you may shorten wires to make it neater).

7. Press down the switch. If it does not work check through the steps again and see if the resistor may be on backwards.

Step 4: YOU ARE DONE!!!

Yup, all that hard work and your finito! Have fun making these and remember this is a perfect project for begginers, or pros. Please be smart enoguh to wear something over your mouth when soldering or dont breath in the fumes. (The solder is 50% lead which is a hazard to your health)



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    When soldering, just open a window and put a fan on for ventilation.

    the fumes arent the lead its the flux resin core that is in 99% of solder to prevent rust and helps make a connection easier. the fumes is just the flux boiling away


    11 years ago

    Nice! Where do you live that you have a Frys, and is it as cool as the one in Houston? That is the only one I've been to, and it was only to see the full-scale replica of the ISS suspended from the ceiling. Where I live there are three Ripoff -er, Radio- Shacks, but they are all on the other side of town.

    5 replies

    Reply 11 years ago

    I don't really know. lol. But here is a good way to find a ton of frys stores. Go google: google earth and dowload it then search for frys at it will show you all the locations (google earth is free if u get a certain version) here is the link: Google Earth Dowload


    Reply 11 years ago

    Already have Google Earth, who doesn't?...closest Fry's is two states away. And another one two states away in the other direction. Rats.


    Reply 11 years ago

    Fry's is...alright look in the yellow pages for electronics wholesalers, it is surprising how many turn up. Also asking around local engineers is a good way to find some local stores.


    Reply 11 years ago

    or try google earth as i said that helps a lot. -.-


    Reply 11 years ago

    but leaded solder is good for eating :<


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i eat lead for breakfast lunch but not dinner, i eat steak for dinner, but for desert i eat a wonderful icecream sherbert with lead sprinkles!


    Reply 11 years ago

    The fumes contain no lead. The only benefit to lead free solder is protecting the environment. BTW: Normal electronics solder with lead contains 40% lead and 60% tin. The fumes are entirely from the flux and is normally pine based. It might make you cough a little, but it's safe.


    Reply 11 years ago

    as long as you don't eat the solder your not gonna get lead poisioning, thats why you can still buy it