A 123D Design Table

You will learn how to make a table in 123D design. You will need to have the program installed on your computer (link:http://www.123dapp.com/design) You will also need some experience with 123D design. There are plenty of videos on youtube if you have no experience.

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Step 1: Step #1: the Legs

  1. Use splines and draw a curved line
  2. Bring in a cylinder with a height of 1 and a radius of 4.
  3. Put the cylinder facing the end of line.
  4. Then use the sweep tool and select a face of the cylinder as the profile and the line as the path.
  5. Rotate the result by 90 degrees.
  6. Draw a polyline and rotate it 90 degrees
  7. Use the circular pattern button and select the new solid you created as the solid and the line as the axis.
  8. Tap enter.

Step 2: Step #2: the Table Top

  1. Make a 50 mm x 50 mm square using polylines
  2. Extrude it 5 mm using the extrude tool.
  3. Use the fillet tool and select all of the edges on the top face and all the edges in the corners
  4. It should have a fillet radius of 3

Step 3: Step #3: the Wine Bottle

  1. Take out a cylinder
  2. Put another smaller cylinder on top of the first one.
  3. The using the fillet tool select the top cylinder's top face.
  4. Then do the same for the bottom cylinder's top face.
  5. Click on the bottle and then click materials, select glass and then give it a color.

Step 4: Step #4: Flower Decorations

  1. Draw a tiny circle
  2. Draw an oval that touches the circle
  3. Select it and click on the gear then click on the circular pattern button.
  4. Then shift click the petals and extrude them 0.05 mm
  5. Extrude the center by 0.05 mm
  6. Then merge everything.
  7. Go to materials, select natural wood and select a color.
  8. Then put them on the edge of the table top.



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