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Introduction: A 3D Printable Pip-Boy 3000

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Ever wanted a Pip-boy 3000 from the Fallout series? Now is your chance. In this instructable I have all files to print your own. It is hollow and can hold anything. You can put a paper screen in to make it look like a working Pip-Boy, or put a smart phone in to make it functional. It is designed to be as close to an actual Pip-Boy as 3D printing can print.

Find a model overview video here: http://youtu.be/-DZEGLmWa2A

What is included in this instructable
The files for this can be downloaded in the attachments or on my thingiverse page.

I have two zip fodders. One holds all the STL files to make this Pip-Boy. Simply print one of each. Another Zip file holds the Step file. I have included this so you can modify it to your own personal needs.

Also there is a pdf file. The pdf holds the dial of the Geiger counter. The design is not mine, I simply scaled it down from this image.

What will you need
To make this you will need:
  • All the printed parts;
  • Several nice looking screws for show and for the hinge;
  • 5x M4 screws to assemble it;
  • 2x M3 screws to mount several small parts;
  • Glue;
  • Small magnets;
  • Velcro strips;
  • (Optional) filler to smooth your Pip-Boy;
  • (Optional) Paint to paint your Pip-Boy;
  • (Optional) 3x 5mm (yellow) Leds for the 3 buttons.

Build it
To make one, simply print out all the parts on any printer (the model is practically supportless, only minor support is needed) and assemble. Some parts need to be glued together (I have included pictures of complete glued assemblies of parts). The screen assembly is held to the body of the Pip-Boy by 5 M4 screws that tap into the plastic. Also 2 M3 screws are needed to rotate the knob and to hold the part with the buttons in place. Two simple wood screws are used in the back for hinges.

The Velcro is mounted in the double slot at each side of the front half. the Velcro is strapped around the arm to hold the Pip-Boy in place Several small magnets hold the two halves together.

Paint it
you can leave this unpainted but that is quite boring and bland. So just paint it. I tried to make the same color as the original, I failed, the gave up, then painted it bronze. I weathered it using black paint and a rag. I think it looks nice in this color, if you disagree, you'll just have to prove me wrong by doing a better job yourself.

Also, I never used any filler on this model. I printed it in the highest quality setting of my printer. I actually never intended to paint it. At some point I just decided to paint it anyway. For a better result, I suggest using filler to smooth the model before painting.

After painting you can print out the dial and glue it to the Pip-Boy.

(PS. be sure to use plastic primer, without, paint might just flake off.)

Share it
When you do build one, I would love to see it. you can share it at my thingiverse page (or any other place of your liking)

What I did extra
I also added a small circuit based on a pic628 that has 3 buttons and 3 leds. The leds sit on top of switches. When you push an led, the button beneath is presses. This circuit simply turns on the led that was last pushed. I won't upload this circuit because I use hardware and programming tools for this that are hard to come by in any country other than the Netherlands. It works fairly simple so anyone with even a little bit of programming skills should be able to build something like this.

(Original design of the Pip-Boy 3000 belongs to Bethesda Softworks, This model was made by and belongs to me)
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If i use my phone for the HUD of the Pip-Boy, then will the magnets affect my phone at all?

1 reply

2 years ago

oh... video not available

Will this fit on a 5s

Where did you get the magnets? I'm having difficulty finding ones that fit.

No puedo abrir las imágenes. Solo el contador. Qué hago?

it seems the files for this on thingiverse are missing

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I lost all of my goodwill towards thingiverse (or more precisely Makerbot and Stratasys) a long time ago. The files are here:



2 years ago

Hi, I have an Iphone 5s and I was wondering If it will fit in this pip-boy model.


2 years ago

I would like to get the parts print, but so far, i tried 4 3d printing services and they charge.. 700 $ !!
any links to where i could print these for a resonable price ?

also, what is the size of the phone that fit on the base model ?

3 replies

Check for a 3d hubs in your area.

Im printing one right at this moment make me an offer and i might be able to print you one

Etsy is your friend dude. You can get a whole kit for like 90 bucks. If you find a local printer on makexyz, they might do it for cheaper.

I'm going to make and modify your project all I needed was the printable stuff

This looks amazing, when I finally get my printer finished and working fully I need to print one of these, probably gonna end up adapting it to add a pi though...

Thanks for sharing the files - that would have took me forever to model.

Hi Dragonator!

I bought the kit off of etsy, really impressed with the detail,once I took the dremel and cleaned up the excess flashing to open some of the slots. Could you share the brand name/type of glue and paints you used? I went with a solid hinge pin rather than 2 screws hoping to make it more durable. A Raspberry Pi seems to fit well but I would have liked to alter the dimensions a little bit. The elbow side of the cuff is far too small for my forearm and the suitable displays are either too big or too small to fit the 4.5 inch diagonal opening. Tweaking the screen dimensions to a 5 inch diagonal opening would give you access to a nice Pi compatible touchscreen! [and making the cuff a little larger would be easier on my fat forearms! ;-) ]

Thanks, Kn0man

ps sorry about earlier glitched post


Awsome job I rember seeing some pipboy software for the rasberry pi I

Might have to combine the two of them