A 72 Hr. Bug-Out-Bag


Introduction: A 72 Hr. Bug-Out-Bag

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In this instructable, you will learn how to make a bug out bag that should last you 72 hours in a survival situation. I would call this the "Minor's BOB", because anyone under 18 can make this without any special permits or weapons (besides knives).

Step 1: Shelter/Protection

Rule of 3's:
3 seconds without oxygen to the brain
3 minutes without oxygen to the lungs
3 hours without proper shelter
3 days without water
3weeks without food

So, with that in mind, the first step to building a successful bug out bag (BOB) is to have ample shelter.
In a survival situation, you must have shelter and personal protection (clothing) I have:

A travel hammock

A survival blanket

An 8x10 tarp with pegs

2 space blankets

2 55gal trash bags

A medical kit

One long sleeve shirt

One t-shirt

One pair of pants

Hot hands (for hands, feet, and body)

One underwear

2 pairs of socks

A water repellent beanie

A rain jacket and pants


Step 2: Water

After you have a decent shelter, you should focus on procuring clean water. You should have multiple ways of purifying/procuring water. I have:

2 bottled waters (not pictured)

Collapsible water bottle

A sawyer water filter (lifestraw)

Stove with cup (for boiling)

A bandana (for filtering debris)

Water purification tablets (inside bandana)

Trash bags may also be used to make a still/catch rainwater, but I put that in the shelter category

Step 3: Food

Then we have food. Remember, you can survive for about 3 weeks without food of any sort. That said, food is still important for being able to move on/perform survival tasks. I do not have a pan, because it adds weight. Anything that I would cook can be boiled in the steel cup. Even the meat, if you cut it thin enough. We have:

A stove with fuel and a pot or large metal cup

6 Clif bars (only 3 pictured)


Fishing hooks and sinkers (in stove box)

Hard candy (boosts morale, and may be handy in a low blood sugar situation. Not pictured)

Step 4: Tools

You can't do very many survival tasks without the proper tools. I've included:

A pocket chainsaw (not a wire saw, as they tend to rust)

Biodegradable soap (the natural stuff can even be used as a toothpaste, but it's not recommended.)

Shovel (not just for taking care of business)

More 55gal trash bags

A 6 ft. Utility strap (makeshift backpack strap, adding other items to the pack, etc.)

Balloons (signaling/fire starting latex burns well!)

Paper towels (30 sheets, doubles as toilet paper lol)

Knife (2 cheapo Walmart knives, one Swiss army)

A big carabiner(for carrying stuff/desending off ledges)


Medical kit

Flares (also good firestarters)

Flashlight with batteries


Paracord (100ft)

Floss (also fishing line)

Bandana (YouTube Sensible Prepper's 40 uses for a bandana)


Duct tape (really now, what can't you fix with duct tape?)

Superglue (fixes what the duct tape can't. Originally tested as a wound sealant during the Vietnam War.)

Zip ties (see "The Walking Dead" if you want to know why... Lol)

Step 5: Fire

Very crucial for cooking, water purification, warmth, and protection. Have multiple ways of starting a fire. Make sure your firestarters are in a waterproof container. You should at least have:


Spark rod



Ballon (latex burns quite long)

Petroleum jelly-saturated cotton balls (take 10 cotton balls and stick them in a zip lock with petroleum jelly and mix it up!)


Fuel cubes (used primarily for stove but can be used as a wet weather boost) (not pictured)

Step 6: Navigation

Not crucial in a survival situation, but could be useful if you decide to move to a safer location/look for water sources/contact authorities.

Detailed trail/road map of your local area


Monocular or binoculars.

Ham radio (optional, but could be very helpful)

Step 7: Conclusion

All these items should fit in CAMTOA's 40 liter MOLLE bag, which I would HIGHLY recommend. In the end, this bag weighs just under 16 pounds. I found the bag on Amazon for $25. I am not sponsored by CAMTOA. I just really like their product. ;-)

I intentionally left out firearms. Being a minor, I cannot carry a gun with me everywhere I go. Please include your gun as well as (at least) 50 rounds of ammo and some cleaning cloths if you have a firearm. Just make sure you have your carrying permit. I am not responsible for any trouble you get into.

Consider carrying a copy of your I.D. and passport. It will be important if you decide to leave the country.

This was suggested by "leonous" :
Having money (assuming the government hasn't collaped) could be useful to buy stuff. You could also have some bartering goods, like cigarettes or extra survival goods.

This was suggested by "grubbworm":
Glow sticks are a great, waterproof, and compact light source in an emergency situation. It would be wise to have a couple in your bag or car. Trail markers are also useful, if you need to make your way back to a difficult-to-find location. Cut small strips of a neon flag or cloth and nail them to trees.


This is NOT a complete list. Tell me what I'm missing! If you are reading these words, it means that this Instructable is still being worked on, and it's up to the Instructables Community to help me complete this! Please give your feedback!!!



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    8 Discussions

    Great list! Here are just a few small things that I have in mine to add to your list. Those chemical light sticks, just in case your flashlight fails. Trail markers.

    1 reply

    Of course!!! Glow Sticks!!!!! I completely forgot. Thank you for sharing! I'll add that.

    I apologize for my last comment.I made it after looking at your list before I looked at your complete list(step 5). So I am sorry for that,on that note. Great job !!!

    1 reply

    Lol its fine. Constructive criticism is what I asked for. Like I said, this is not a complete list, so anything you guys have to say is appreciated!

    Thumbs up. Nice list and i think everyone needs something like this, can be used for any disaster scenarios... should include some money.. you don't know when you need it.

    1 reply

    Good idea! Thanks for sharing! I will include this.

    You need to add something for making fire,preferably more than one. And practice on how to use them! Other than that it is not a bad kit, well done

    Please critique and give feedback on what else I should have