A Barrel-Style Wine Rack - a 2x4 Project




This year I decided to join a 2x4 Contest. But what to make? I always had a wine rack on my list. Not for myself, but something nice I can give away. Unfortunately I was a little late and had to rush a bit through this build.

Please also watch the video on YouTube about this build and subscribe to my channel!

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Step 1: Creating a Sketchup Model

First I had to make a sketchup model to get all the dimensions, so that
all pieces fit on a 2×4. The 2×4 was the first problem.

Step 2: Preparing the Stock

There are no 2x4s where I live so I had to buy a 5 meter long 50mm thick and 100mm wide board. Is was a real adventure to put this thing through my little bench-top thickness planer to get a 2x4.

Due to my small workshop I had to cut the 8 feet 2×4 into more manageable pieces and in order to waste no material I cut it by hand. The Japanese Handsaw runs through spruce like through butter.

Then I had to make some rip cutting. Some pieces had to be more than 70 mm wide which is the capacity of my band saw. So I had to use my Japanese rip cut handsaw. It took some time to make these cuts but fortunately I could use my band saw for the narrower pieces.

In the end it cut 102 pieces plus quite a lot offcuts.

Step 3: Glueing the Frame

The base of this rack are two oval frames. A back and a front piece. Each is made of 6 pieces and joint with simple half lap joints.

Step 4: Cutting the Barrel Strips

Both frames were connected with 48 strips after I cut a rabbet into the front and back. The strips also had rabbets on both ends. The ones for the curved part also got a 5 degree angle on the long sides.

At this point I want to thank my father in law who helped me out and made about 200 cuts on the table saw.

Step 5: Glueing the Barrel

It took a while to glue up all the strips. I did this in several steps.

  1. I lined up the angles strips on tape and glued them together in a quarter circle.
  2. I had to glue two quarters together to get a half circle. To get good even clamping pressure I used tension belts.
  3. Due to my small workshop I had to cut the 8 feet 2×4 into more manageable pieces and in order to waste no material I cut it by hand. The Japanese Handsaw runs through spruce like through butter.

Step 6: Attaching the Features

Now it was time to attach all the features. First of all, the feet.

This wine rack should have a compartment for a bottle opener or for casters, so I put some hinges onto a cap piece.

The wine bottle holders are positioned in two layers. One is on the top of the compartment, the other is on a shelf.

I made some typical wine glass holders. My design idea was to have the
glasses angled by approximate 15 degree but due to space issues I glued them in by eye.

After adding them an two shelves for shot glasses or coasters, the wine rack was finished.

Step 7: Finishing

In the end I finished everything with a mineral oil and beeswax polish.

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    i remember this on youtube.very nice oh and i maxe the wooden rose for my wife she loves it thanks for the idea


    3 years ago

    Saw this on my feed and had to click on to say what an awesome design,and job you did,top notch.


    3 years ago

    Very nice... me quedaré con ese diseño para implementarlo en un proyecto de vivienda para la venta que tengo, muchas gracias.


    3 years ago

    Very cool idea. Great job


    3 years ago

    That, my brother, was superb!! I think that is a great design and your work is perfect. I wish I had the time and skills that you have. I would LOVE to make a few like this as gifts for my family. Bravo! Thank you for sharing. I know it would make the video really long but in future videos maybe you could give us some little instructions as to what you are doing on each of the pieces; especially ones where it isn't so obvious as to what you are doing and why. That would be very cool and educational. Peace!


    3 years ago

    I really think that you have a calling! I especially like the finish, and you can have bragging rights every time an event comes up!


    3 years ago

    That is the best build from 2x4's I have ever seen. Great job my friend! Thanks for sharing.


    3 years ago

    That is a beautiful wine rack! I might see if I can do this project with some of the scrap wood I have from a previous project. Great work!