A Baseball Ornament




Introduction: A Baseball Ornament

I made this ornament, because my mom has one similar to this in our living room. She had always talked about how she loves it. I thought for her birthday, I could make one similar to it for her. It was very simple to make and she loved it.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

These are the materials you need.

1. 1 baseball

2. 6 Styrofoam balls ( it can be any color, I will be using white and changing them to red )

3. At least 15 white or red ping pong balls ( color depends on Styrofoam ball color )

4. 1 arm's length of yarn ( color of your choice )

5. Hot glue

6. Scissors

7. 1 sharpie ( can be red, white, or cream )

Step 2: Plug in Hot Glue Gun

Plug in your hot glue gun to give it time to heat up. It's easier to have it already going, then having to stop working for 20 minutes waiting for it to heat up.

Step 3: Coloring

Color the Styrofoam ball, the color of your sharpie. Or color the ping pong balls instead depending on what you're doing.

Step 4: Drying Time

Once you color all 6 of your Styrofoam balls (or ping pong balls), let them dry for at least 30 minutes.

Step 5: Cut Out Yarn

Next, if you would like, you can clean your baseball while they dry. If not or after you’re done cleaning the baseball, then you can cut out your yarn about an arms length long if you haven’t already.

Step 6: Start Gluing

After they have dried, you can start by hot gluing 1 of your Styrofoam balls to the baseball. I like to glue my first one, on the center of the baseball.

Step 7: Gluing Continued

Glue the ping pong balls all the way around the ball. It took me around 5 ping pong balls. It should almost look like a flower when they’re all glued down.

Step 8: Gluing Continued

Glue another Styrofoam ball to one of the sides. I found it easier to place it in the grove of the ping pong balls.

Step 9: Gluing Continued

Glue the ping pong balls around the Styrofoam ball like you did with the first one. It should only take around 4 of them this time.

Step 10: Gluing Continued

On the opposite side of the baseball, glue another Styrofoam ball like you did in step 8 just on the opposite side.

Step 11: Gluing Continued

Next glue ping pong balls around the Styrofoam ball like you did in step 9. It should still take around 4 of them.

Step 12: Gluing Continued

Continue this process around the entire baseball.

Step 13: Gluing Continued

You might come to a point where there is only a little room left and you have 2 Styrofoam balls left. Now, you can glue 1 down, and fill the rest with the ping pong balls. You can also, glue them both down and fill in the sides of those with as many ping pong balls that will fit.

Step 14: Yarn Time

Once you have completed your ornament, you need something for it to hang onto. Take out the yarn you cut earlier.

Step 15: Fold the Yarn

Take out the string from earlier, and fold it in half.

Step 16: Make a Loop

Next, at one of the ends, make a loop with the string.

Step 17: Tuck It Through

Next, take the remaining string at the end of the loop, and tuck it through the hole that you made from the loop.

Step 18: Pull It Through

Finally, pull the string through the rope, to make the tie.

Step 19: Tying It Onto the Ornament

Once you have completed the tie, wrap the string along on of the red Styrofoam balls like done so in the picture. To keep it around there, I just took the knot and pulled it through the other side of the string. There you go! You have completed the Baseball Ornament!

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    Clever idea. This would be perfect for any baseball fan.


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    Thank you!