A Basketful of Knittings

Introduction: A Basketful of Knittings

I first learned to knit in elementary school, when I knitted a square oven mit as my first project. I continued to learn different ways of knitting and croqueting all through middle school, and I continue to knit at home doing fun projects like scarves, hats, purses, and oven mits.  
I've made a couple teddy bears using cashmere and wool yearn, and buttons for one the the eyes and then cross-stitching the other's eyes and nose.
The doll is croqueted, made by croqueting the arms, legs, and head separately from the body and then stitching them together with string. Her dress is also croqueted, but made in one piece.
The small wallet is made from a piece of felt that I stitched the sides together using the blanket stitch. I then stitched on the yellow piece using the same stitch, and sewed on the fox with a thin piece of thread, highlighting the white and brown lines with thicker thread.
Both of the lambs are made from different sized yarn and needles but are the same proportions. I made the larger lamb in 5th grade and then decided to make another smaller one in 8th grade.
The socks I made awhile ago and they still fit my feet. They are made with a thicker yarn so I can wear them around the house as slippers or with socks to school. I made them with a basic sock knitting pattern and then a thicker pattern for the collar.

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