A Beginners Guide to the World Emulation.




Introduction: A Beginners Guide to the World Emulation.

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Before you Criticize and say this is illegal, it is only illegal if you market the games.

Emulation is better explained through wikipedia although you will find a small summary to this awesome new world. Emulation is basically being able to play games of all platforms on your computer, yes whatever system you want, yes whatever game you want. If you choose you can even make a customized version of your game using rom hacking tools such as Advanced text editors, and so on.

Warning: Do not abuse emulators, before you download make sure the site you use is safe and approved. And make sure your computer can handle the emulator and rom itself, especially when you use very powerfull ones like the X-Box 360 and Wii. I have listed the two sites i use as i know they are safe.



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Step 1: Getting Your Awesome Emulator Set Up.

First head to Emulator-Zone and download your emulator for an example I choose the VBA  Here we go.

1.Head to the Emulator-Zone.com

2.In the left hand corner choose your game system. Note: when choosing game boy click gameboy advance and not virtual boy.

3.Pick the choice of system and hit Download Now.(try to choose the one that best fits your computers graphics card and memory).

4.I prefer to save mine in a folder marked Emulators.

Step 2: The Roms... Yeah!!!!!

Now for the roms, this is a great deal easier than the VBA Emulator.

1.Head on over to Doperoms.
2.Type the name of your game in the search box.
3.Hit the download now box. Hmmm Dejavu?
4.I like to make a folder for my VBA roms.
Note: the file in the last picture with the starwars background(i know dont judge me) says Visual Boy advance Roms.

Note some site might not have the roms you want so just be patient and look around.

My top 5 Recomended roms.
Pokemon Chaos black.
Pokemon Fire Red.
Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland.
The Hobbit.
Mother 1.

Step 3: Setup and Configuration.

To start the game open up your emulator and under File hit Open Rom, find your rom, where ever you saved it.

Remember to extract the file or the game wont load.

Next go to options>joypad>joypad configuration. Try to get the joypad as comfortable for you as possible, but try to keep it in the same format as the game controller.

Then if your a cheater like me <=( im ashamed. then go to cheats>cheats list> and input cheats.

Note Make sure the cheat goes with the right format, I use gameshark. 

Step 4: Warnings And...Stuff

Be careful not to overload your computer as this may cause electrical storms, nuclear catastrophes, impending alien attacks, and eventually Judgment day... 

Ok maybe not but still please dont kill your machine.
To check if the site is safe.
Make sure your system can handle all of this awesomness.
And finnaly check to see if your computer has the proper sleeze detecting software, in case of some icky virus.

Thanks and vote for me.

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    11 Discussions


    9 months ago

    Well, I play SNES type emulation sometimes Gameboy advanced, etc. Yes it tech illegal but only if you sell the game ROMS. I know Nintendo is suing the ROM developers but people are only giving them away for free.

    Is it worth fighting Nintendo? If they are Old games??
    I would have not gotten a PS3 if it wasn't for RPG roms on the SNES.

    Here some SD3 screenshots. Square never released this and if I did not play ROMs or emulators I would have never known about the "Second secret of mana" game. Very good game.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I tried many different emulators, and was consistently frustrated when I couldn't get the BIOS to configure right. Using these links, though, I managed to get it working! So far so good, thanks!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    i already knew about emulation but is there a way to make a flash emulator and turn online games into roms. or in other words download games besides using flash offliner


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Emulation and ROM posession/ usage is legal as long as you own the actual game itself, thereby making the ROM simply a backup. Otherwise, it is arguably piracy, regardless of whether or not you market the games. There's just no way to prove that you don't own the solid copy in real life, which is why the websites aren't taken down.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    how do i know what my computer will be able to handle? do the sites provide recommended computer specs?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    the sites should tell you, but let's put it this way my cheap acer laptop can handle the nintendo ds, and wii platforms what kind of computer do you have
    EX: new model, old,...etc.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    BTW all comments or questions including any criticism no matter how harsh is accepted, even encouraged.