A Big Sister for Bertha

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Intro: A Big Sister for Bertha

I came across Instructables in 2007 when I was thinking about building a CNC machine.  I'm glad I did.  So many like minded people making interesting things.  

I eventually made a CNC wood router and she got named Bertha.  When Instructables held the Shopbot contest last year It made me realize that I wanted to be doing CNC work as more than a hobby.  

I didn't win the Shopbot and was sad for a week or so but that experience started the wheels turning towards the launch of a CNC business.  I teamed up with my friend Rick this summer, we sold everything but our kids, started a business and called it Strata.  We're providing precision metal and wood cutting services and loving every minute of it.  

Bertha is a little dinky with a cutting area of only 2' x 3'.  If we win this contest we would use the money to build her a big sister and grow our business.

Thanks for watching!!

Mike / spike3579



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