The Largest Egg!



The egg shape is so primitive and reserved. I feel the origin of creation when I look at the egg. I wanted to share with everyone the beauty of the biggest eggshell!

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Step 1: Create the Original Egg Shape With Clay.

Prepare 1kg of clay and mix with water to make the original shape.

Throw the clay on the wheel to create a smooth surface.

Step 2: Create a Two Parts Mold

You will need plaster, water, and a large bucket to create a mother mold.

The first step: Pour 1kg of plaster into a bucket and add a cold water 1: 1.5 ratio.

The second step: Let them sit in the bucket for 2 minutes and mix them well.

The third step: Pour the plaster into the clay egg shape that you made it on the first step.

The fourth step: After 1 hour later, take out the clay from the plaster mold. Let them sit for a week until getting hard and dry.

Step 3: Mix a Slip Porcelain

Pure a porcelain powder and water into the porcelain mixer and mix them about 3 hours. After that pure the porcelain into the plaster mold which you created on step two.

Step 4: Fire the Egg in a Kiln

Prepare the kiln setting and load the egg base into a 6 feet hight kiln. This process will take a 2days to heat and cool down the egg. It is very important to set it slow mode in cone 05 or 06.

Step 5: Cut and Shave

If you need to cut or shave some extra parts, use the table saw or sander to make the perfect egg shape.

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