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Gift a Classic wall clock to your class.

A Quartz wall clock, which is cheap, and beautifully hand made for your classroom.
This is a Clock made of an old, long-playing RECORD, which was very popular in the 60's.
It is very easy to make and shows your creative skills.
So when class begins after the holidays present this clock to your class.

Step 1: STEP-1


Part List.
An old LP Record.
A Quartz clock mechanism.
2 pieces of wood.
Some Radium tape of different colors.
3 screws.
And some cutting tools.( a blade, knife etc.)

Step 2: STEP-2


Take an old long laying Record.
Divide it into 12 parts. Each angle should be 30 degrees.
360 divided by 12 = 30 degrees.
Now cut the colored radium tapes into shapes of lines, figures, Numbers, dots and many other shapes you prefer.
Each shape may be 12 pieces for the 12 hours, or as you find fit to apply.
Then stick the shapes on the marked hour points of the Record.
Now your clock face is ready.

Step 3: STEP-3


Cut a piece of wood 3"x 1/2"x 1/2". Long.
Make a V cut in the middle of the wood piece so that the nail in the wall sits on it without making the clock to spin.
Cut another wood piece 1x1/2 x1/2 to be fixed at the bottom of the clock so that the clock stays parallel to the wall.
Both the pieces of wood are fixed to the record by screws.

Step 4: STEP-4


In this step fix the clock mechanism to the Record.
If the center hole of the Record is small then enlarge it slightly by a hot Soldering Iron.
Fix the clock to the record.
Now tighten the top round nut in the front of the clock and the clock is fixed.
Position the two arms of the clock needles at 12 o'clock and fix the Battery.
The clock starts ticking then adjust the time.
Note that the battery is placed downwards as in the picture.

Step 5: STEP-5


Your CLASSIC CLOCK is ready for your class.
Put a nail into the wall of your classroom and hang the Clock.



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    Just curious, Dipankar : On Aug 29, 2009. 5:04 PM U said that u are 62 years of age. and on Mar 15, 2010. 5:11 PM U say that U r 64 (just 7 month difference between comments ) . I feel u must be 63.


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    Arra Yaar,
    The first time was a typing mistake so I let it go, the second I felt I should correct it. My year of birth is 1947 so now you calculate.
    Thanks for pointing it out cause many will feel the same way as you do.
    Thanks Pal.

    I just want to say that I'm 19, I've been listening to vinyl since about 16 and work in a record store, yes they still exist. You'd be surprised how many new releases there still are and people of all ages are still buying vinyl, used and new. History has a way or repeating itself and vinyl has made it's comeback. This clock is awesome, I've turned several of my beat up lps into clocks, they're great gifts!

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    This is a Clock made of an old, long-playing RECORD, which was very popular in the 60's.


    Good grief, how old are you that you treat vinyl records as history?

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    Vinyl records are History and that's a fact. No Music shop in India sell vinyl records. People don't have Gramophones in their house any more. Now is the age of Digital audio and Video, even VCR's are obsolete. In a couple of years FILM cameras will become Obsolete. The sale of film cameras has already stopped. How much sentimental you become but have to accept the fact of life. By the way I am 62 seen many things come and go.

    It must be cultural - cutting-edge DJs use vinyl in the UK, and there is a group in Europe working to re-start production of polaroid film - still, it's a good project, well done.

    I meant people in their own houses do not use Vinyl records anymore. Thank you.

    That's not true either. I'm 19 and use them. And there's at least two very popular record stores I know of downtown and an old bookstore I know of sells them too. I've got one in right now as a matter of fact. Time Peace by The Rascals. I listen to them all the time and there are some things you can't get over the internet. My friend for instance has a real neat vinyl of Halloween sounds/music from the 70's. The same goes for VCRs and videos. Some films just aren't available in dvd format. I also find it amusing that you consider film cameras as becoming obsolete considering I do photography work for bands and newspapers, do my own developing, and don't own a digital camera at all.

    Hi GHotz, You are entitled to your views. If one in a thousand use them then it is obsolete. In INDIA They are gone from the market, Manufacturing has stopped. Video Parlors have turned into CD parlors. Photo Studio's are changing to Digital Photography from Films. I do not know about other countries but here it is fading out....................

    Dear GHotz,
    i am 19 also i have a very nice collection of vinyl records but i have to agree with Dinankar. vinyl records are going out and are sometimes a pain to find parts for the players that you might own. you could argue well why don't you go on out and buy a digital player or some bother like that,because one i am a poor collage student and two,unless it flips the record and changes it automatically, no one wants to bother with it any more it takes less effort to find and buy an album from itunes sitting in your pajamas in your favorite chair then to find a store that still sell vinyls and maybe the same album on a vinyl does not exists. film cameras are not obsolete, yet they are slowly fading away from the world because i can take a picture with a brand new digital Cannon 40D SLR and know exactly if my picture is good right then and their instead of having to take it home and devolop it myself. shooting on full raw Manuel i can 10 by 10 posters.

    i am converting the vinyls into mp3's for my grandma who loves the music, has an Ipod, and does not want to buy the music again. other wise the only other people who really use records are Dj's which most of the professionals get them custom made.

     i dont think so the Film(camera/polaroid) will obsolete..your country maybe..Lomography Society is getting bigger and bigger everyday...they're opening stores every major city..even my country has fuji factory produces films..
    digital sound doesnt cut it...by the way i am Sound/Product designer.

    You are young and I am 64, I have seen many things come and go.
    Where are 136 - 120 - 8mm - 16mm- FILMS now a days.
    Can you purchase a 120 Camera now a days, NOT in my Country, also 35 mm cameras are no more available in the market.

    Good work, as always. I want suppose you has saved to MP3 theses valuables analogic songs, Dipankar.

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