Introduction: A COLD KITCHEN, a WOOD OVEN AND a BEAT UP CONVECTOR (will Be Completed in Summer)

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I made at Techshop
Start in Winter, finish in Summer

Step 1: Seams to Be Obvious, If I Had a Cold Kitchen,

Seams to be obvious, if I had a cold kitchen,

Step 2: A Wood Oven in the Living Room

Step 3: And a Old Cooper Bit Up Convector Rusting in the Backyard,

Step 4: Then What Seams to Be Logic Is to Go to TecShop and Create a Heater System ...

... to solve the problem of a cold kitchen using the e wood stoven of the living room as a heath source and the convector to capt the heath and transfer to the water system  . I made It at Techshop.

Step 5: But Before ...

...go to Tecshop make the heater system,
I remove all cabinets and kitchen appliances and 
engrave the kitche floor and put a Polyestire pipe from  Home Depot

Step 6: Disassembling the Old Convector

I made it at Techshop

Step 7: Not Was a Easy Battle,

And the old and rusted convector do not surrender without a good fight

Step 8: Removing the Rust From the Case

, and save the case to use in  another project  in the future (may be another instructable...ahaha...)

Step 9: That Will the Pump for Hot Water

 That i find in home Depot for around $150 for circulate water in the system

Step 10: In the End of the Winter

I decide give a lift for the kitchen, new cabinets, new oven, new microwave, and new refrigerator. Now my kitchen is gorgeous and warm :) (may be the kitchen remodeling will be subject for another instructable in the future....ahahah....)

Step 11: Initialy I Planning Make Something Like That

... like that

Step 12: After Desassemble, I Start by Find New Connectors Fitting in the Old Convector

Step 13: I Use a Pipe With Almost the Same Diameter of Thge My Wood Oven Chamine to Case the New System.

This pipe was donation of Techshop. By the way, all projects I was done in Techshop was normally free parts and material from Techshop :)

Step 14: Simples Problem Can Be a Big Problem When:

Because the Convector do not came with out fight we have some wounded to repair before put the convector in service again
Simples problem can be a big problem when:
1 - You do know how to solve it
2 - You imagine how to solve it but will be a first time trial for this tecnic or soluction

Step 15: Anyway, Everything Was Glue and Tie

Step 16: And a Small Special Pieces Was Necessary During the Process

(like this big washer)
every new thing or new necessary party turn to be a Instructable by it self but that not is my point here, my goal is gop to the end)

Step 17: And Some Temporary Arrangement and Pieces for Assemble Was Necessary Too

Step 18: (Opss...ahahah...)

The roles in the pipe case was a bit farther from the convector size (Opss...ahahah...) than I need stretch the convector hanging for one side and pull from the other (everything inside the case)

Step 19: To Be Continued in Summer



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