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This guide is not like other instructables, this guide contains EVERYTHING you need to know to go out and have some fun. Now, thanks to some tips commented on this page, I will be adding some new stuff......Check it Out!


Step 1: Getting Started

The wonderful world of airsofting is very confussing sometimes. I will not use EVERY little abreviation for every little gun. I will give you all of the information in CATAGORIES. All you really need to aisoft is a gun, some camo and a few friends. If you want to go for realism or are going against veterains, you might want to get a vest and another weapon with a TON of ammo to spare. I know from experience that running out of ammo when your friend has an automatic is NOT FUN. You might want to get boots too if you are playing in a swampy area. I where boots all the time because I don't want to get my $65 dollar DC's muddy. The pictures below are of some of the stuff i use. (I don't have my primary AEG posted because i need to get it back from a friend, the secondary is a cheap Colt 1911)

Step 2: General Rules

The general rules for airsofting are:

1. NO BLIND FIRING (hate it when people do that)
2. You must have eye protection on at all times when in the battle or around it. (Different places have different policies but that is the rule I always go by)
3. NO point blank range firing( If you do happen to get THAT close to someone, say surrender and if they don't say ok or alright and leave the feild, waste 'em) Another rule I play by is if you get close enough to touch someone with your gun, it counts as a knife kill and their out.
4. NO PISTOL WHIPPING That is just illegal at all feilds because it hurts, badly.
5. Have fun.

Step 3: Getting a Gun

Choosing from different guns is sometimes hard and confussing, especially if you're on a budget. My best advice would be to start off buying a halfway decent gun just to try the sport out. If you like it than use that halfway decent gun as your side arm and go get a real airsoft gun. I would reccomend any AEG above 300 FPS(feet per second). If your paying $20.00 for it, its (most likely) NOT WORTH IT!!! Most decent AEG's are like $35-$100 bucks. I got mine for $50.00 at www.hobbymega.com. Its kinda like hobbytron except a lot better quality. www.hobbytron.com = BAD, WRONG, NOPE!!! I would reccomend www.airsoftgi.com for the highest quality guns availible (like $250.00 dollar guns, for experienced players). I honestly have no experiaence with GBB (gas blow backs) I never really thought about it. My favorite kind of gun out of my experience would either be an M82, AK-47, or the M4. The gun in the picture is the gun I have and is my favorite. Its got about 300 FPS. The other pistol is my sidearm a Colt 1911 with a homemade red-dot thanks to another instructable on this site.

-A good tip, sent to me by feck111, is to clean the gun regularly or after every time you shoot it with a good lubricant such as silicone spray. Thanks feck111.

...NOT MY AIRSOFT GUN JUST A PICTURE OF SOMEONE ELSES... (mine is the same model though i just don't have it with me right now)

Step 4: Fields

Now that you have your gun, equipment, and you know the basic rules, ITS TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN!!! Search the web for some good local fields to airsoft in or just invite your buddies over for a backyard war (these are close quarters combat CQC sitchuations, anyone who brings that 400 million FPS sniper rifle should either
A) run home and get another, weaker gun or
B) use someone elses side arm
Most fields will follow the same rules I just posted so most of the rules shouldn't be any knew to you. Most fields won't allow the use of airsoft smoke bombs but it can never hurt to ask. I know that most fields will aloow airsoft grenades though. Any kind of flash bang grenade is not allowed anywhere ecxept at backyard airsoft wars with your friends for three reasons:

A) if you suffer from some specail deseises the flash might kill you
B) the judes or martials can't see whose out or not.
C) people will be running in to each other and the teams will get all mixed up.

The first picture is of an indoor field, the second is outside.

Step 5: Other Tips

I hope you have learned everything you need to know about airsofting to go out there and have some fun! Be careful though and always ware eye protection. If you want you can view my other instructable on how to make a non-explosive grenade that you can build with only easter eggs and bbs. Then you can really rule the feild. NOTE: the grenades only work on hard surfaces so don't expect it to blow open and shower everyone with bbs when you threw it on your pillow. If you have any questions just comment and I will either post that tip in the instructable or I will answer it for you. Happy airsofting!!!

Step 6: How Not to Be a N00b...

This is the new addition to my airsofting instructable...HOW NOT TO BE A NOOB!!! (exciting isn't it)

Step One: Don't Cheat

This is one of those things that I hate when I play airsoft...Cheaters. If you cheat it just makes the game less fun. I know from experianced play with cheaters. If you cheat and you think that you're god or something at airsoft...YOUR A NOOB!!!

Step Two: Don't Cuss At The Other Team

This is overall unsportsmanlike and can get you out of an organized event quicker than you can say: "organized event". Just don't do it.

Step Three: Don't Camp

Camping is when you sit there and you wait for someone to walk by. Go to youtube.com right now and type in 'Airsoft'. What you will get is a bunch of grown men sitting there shooting other grown men in camo. That my friends, is GAY. I don't care what you have to say, it's GAY.

Step Four: Don't Act All Serious

A few simple words for you: Don't act like this is so serious and anybody that jokes around about it should just leave. Thats messed up. It's something called fun...Let's spell it out F...U...N...FUN. It's not fun when you have to sit there and take everything seriously. Sure the game's objective is to be the last team standing...but honestly, is it that important to you? If it is...you shouldn't be playing the game.

Step Five: Don't Judge a Player by His Gun

This is the last step in your road to de-noobing your airsofting. If someone shows up at your game and has a 10.00 dollar springer, don't even think about saying something about it. Sometimes, the next thing you know...He's whoppin' your a**. That would be funny to watch some kid buy a $200.00 dollar gun and then laugh at the dude with the $20.00 dollar pistol then, the next thing you know, he's whoopin' a**. That's all i've got to say on that subject...just don't do it.

Thank you for reading my new step on how NOT to be a noob. Thank you.



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    192 Discussions


    Question 11 months ago

    do i have to wear something for my ears?


    1 year ago

    I got my airsoft gun at sportsman's warehouse for $15 it is a SIG saur 1911 it hurts, I shot myself in the foot without a shoe on


    2 years ago

    Does it hurt to get shot with a bb??? Never played before

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    not really but depends where u get hit i wear a scalf to protect my neck and as long as u bring a GOOD! pair of eye protection you will be fine most of the time it feels like a strong pinch and really leaves bruises :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Ohhhh yeah, it hurts. My first time playing i got hit a few seconds into the first round and i was scared the rest of the day. After awhile you will get used to it and it wont hurt as much. Pretty much feels like a bee sting but only lasts a few minutes.


    7 years ago on Step 6

    Technically, camping saves lives. Anyone that you play with who runs out onto the field pall-mall is gonna get creamed. Kids who play use no strategy.
    Mr. Sniper camps. He has a bud, most people call it a "spotter".
    Mr. Akimbo is stealth. No springs, no clicks, just kills.
    Mr. AEG sits in the nest. With his bros. Don't go near them unless you have armor.
    Mr. Heavy Weapons Can do whatever the F*** he wants to, he has heavy weapons.
    Mr. Wimpistols sits up on the ledge, wondering why he was the first out.
    And Mr. Asplosion should go with Akimbo Bro. Akimbo misses, Asploder tosses a 'nade. BOOM. A'splosion. Dead. Simple as 'dat.

    1 reply

    3 years ago on Step 6

    What's wrong with camping?


    10 years ago on Step 6

    yeah... there is a person that lives on my street and we used to play with him. ok we play surrender so this guy has a like 5$ spring pistol is goes like 150fps but almost 6 people with AEGs couldn't take him down so we would get killed by loss of ammo... sad isn't it?

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago on Step 6

    From my experience, spring pistols have terrible accuracy from distance. Why didn't you guys just let him shoot his gun, and rush him?

    Seems like you guys didn't do tactics much.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Might want to get a better AEG.......Yours has a plastic gearbox and won't last that long. And a springer whupping a 200 dollar gun? Never gonna happen.


    4 years ago

    This is a terrible offence to the sport of airsoft.

    ~Aeronous~Robot Lover

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction



    Reply 9 years ago on Step 1

    dude im in australia....... get th3e colt capgun not the revolver take it apart you can keep the shell but u gotta be carfull cuz it will brake but yea, open it up and you can remake all the parts hamma....... put a barrel in etc.................. it dosent take a gieniss to work out what u gotta do. if you do it right ull be able to fire hollow points from a CAP GUN!


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 1

    i got 2 of them. im still stuck. what is a hollow point? I WANNA BB GUN plus their is no garrel thingy for it. so how does it shoot? and im not sure I hav the right brand either. can you post a pic of the gun in its plastic case thingy off the store shelves?