A Cabin Room & a Colorful Girl: HELP. Please Vote for Me!

I recently moved to San Francisco to attend art school & the room I am renting out has wood...everywhere.  To say the least, it looks like a cabin.  Considering that I was moving from a 1 bed/1bath apartment to a little room, and mind you, a 6 hour drive away, there was only so much I could pack.  Basically, a lot of my old furniture does not fall so well with this cabin-like room.  I'm an interior design student, so it does drive me nuts!  But alas, I am still a student...your typical starving student, so I try to work with whatever I have.  On the bright side, it is causing me to be a bit creative, like using a suitcase as a dresser, or my plant stands to hold up my personal fridge and microwave; but, using my moving boxes as a means of storage is beginning to make my bedroom feel more like a garage than a living space.  Oh and, using my old coffeetable for my desk and a pillow for my seat can get very uncomfortable when I'm drawing out large construction documents. ]:

I would love, Love, LOVE to have Ikea's help, by winning the Share Your Space Challenge, my room needs some definite transformation.  Had I had your standard white walls, it would be much easier to make my old furniture work.  However, that wasn't the case.  First, I would like to invest in more storage for my closet.  Right now, the only things that I can hang in my closet are my coats and dresses.  I would like to utilize the top and bottom of my closet for a storage/shelving units to tuck away more of my clothes. The floor drabs and I think a section rug to place underneath my bed would give a bit of "lift" and color to the floor.  I would also like have a better working space in my room.  This low to the ground coffeetable is only taking me so far in comfort. Another thing, though small, I think a significant difference would to change the curtains in my room.  As of now, they are 10x better than the curtains that were up initially, but I made my current curtains with some leftover fabric I had from my old place.  Ideally, I would like to have navy blue & cream striped curtains because I think it would suit well with the wood walls.  It would be nice to paint these wood walls, however, I don't think my landlord would approve, so I was thinking of using fabric in place of paint (similar to what I did behind my bed). To say the least, new furniture & a different pace in color scheme would make a world of a difference and I am in dire need of Ikea's help!

Thank you for taking the time to view my page!  Please vote for me! [:

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    3 years ago

    Well, everyone has to start somewhere. It is a good idea to make do with whatever you currently possess right now and gradually move forward to buy new furniture pieces when you have the money. However, don’t rush into things just for the place to look good, but instead focus on your studies as those creative furnishings look amazing to me.


    3 years ago

    I don't know how to vote for you but I will if you tell me how. Good luck.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you; unfortunately, this was a contest 4 years ago and I didn't win. But I appreciAte your thoughtfulness! (: