A Candy Ziplinerator 2000



Introduction: A Candy Ziplinerator 2000

I made this because i'm tired of having to get up and walk 5 steps to get a piece of candy. Now you don't have to with the Candy Ziplinerator 2000. It zip-lines your candy to you.

Step 1: Materials

1.) Any kind of mini piece of Candy.

2.) 18” dowel rod.

3.) 5 ¼ ”x 2 ½“ x 1 ½” wood pallets x2.

4.) 8’ 3” of string.

5.) 1 paper cup.

6.) Multi-tool.

7.) Scissors.

8.) Hot glue gun and hot glue.

9.) Ruler.

10.) Drill with bit the size of the diameter of the dowel rod.

Step 2: Step 1) Cut Dowel Rod to Correct Lengths With Multi-tool.

Use the multi-tool to cut the dowel rod to two lengths, 1’ and 6”.

Step 3: Step 2) Drill Hole in Wood Pallets the Size of Dowel.

Step 4: Step 3) Hot Glue 1’ and 6” Dowel Rod Into the Wood Pallets.

Step 5: Step 4) Cut String to 8’ and 3”.

Step 6: Step 5) Tie String to Each Pole.

P.S. Double loop the string so that it is 4’ long.

Step 7: Step 6) Hot Glue String to the Side of Cup.

P.S. Try to have the string around the other string when gluing.

Step 8: Test It Out!


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    2 years ago

    That's a fun idea :)