A Cardboard Zen Garden




Hey guys! We are Van Squad! Professional company based in London, United Kingdom. We do removals...

Here's a little cardboard Zen Garden our teams in London did with some boxes lying around, a little sand and a couple of stones. We are a moving company and used one of the boxes from a recent move. As for the sand and stones - we used some from a local park. If it's moist - let it dry for a week before you use it. We also used a knife and silicone to put everything together. You can use tape, regular glue or a stapler.

The idea is not expensive nor it is hard to make. The idea of the cardboard Zen Garden can be a foundation for a more creative one. You can decorate the base, use different colours of sand, different stones, add plants or just let your imagination play!

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Step 1: Cut the Base

Cut the base of your Zen Garden. Choose the shape - square or rectangle. We went with square on this one because the box we used wasn't big enough.

Step 2: Put the Base Together

You should make the box for your garden between 5 and 10 centimetres (2 and 4 inches) tall. Tape it together with glue or a stapler. We used silicone glue because we had some left.

Step 3: Cut Out the Rake

Our rake was around 10 centimetres (4 inches) long.

Step 4: Ta Da!

Your final result. It's not much but it sure is relaxing having one.

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    saige hill

    4 years ago

    nice job , eco friendly.