A Cheap, Indestructible, Water-Proof ATV/UTV Tool Kit

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Before we get started this is my first Instructable, so comments are welcome.
A few years ago I went on the hunt for a cheap, tough, water-proof, low-profile tool box to go on the front rack of my ATV. I looked at several commercial models but none met the nitch I needed them to fill.
After looking around I found  an Army surplus 25mm grenade case it measures 14"tall*13"wide*6"deep, its constucted out of thick ABS plastic, has a water-proof gasketed lid , and a heavy draw down latch.  It was a perfect fit for the front rack of my Yamaha Grizzly. Next i went back and wrote down all the tools that I had carried, used or had seen used on the trails over the last 20 years. This kit is what I came up with...  

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Step 1:

Cases basic properties and tools.

Step 2:

Simple mounting set up

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