A Colorful Twist



Intro: A Colorful Twist

This piece of artwork takes a twist on the original R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. It is shown in a unique pattern that can act as a main focal point for a room. It follows the modern trend of abstract pieces of artwork, and is sure to draw attention with its bright colors! Here are the simple steps to make this piece of artwork:

1. Download this isometric paper file .

2. Open Microsoft Paint 3D (Comes with Windows 10; sorry not for Apple devices).

3. Open the image file in Paint 3D.

4. Add the preset colors(shown in the video), or feel free to choose your own!

5. **Optional** Print out in color printer and put into a picture frame. Ensure frame size matches paper size.

Step 1: A Colorful Twist



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