A Crappy Yet Neat Guitar Pick Holder





Introduction: A Crappy Yet Neat Guitar Pick Holder

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This is a Simple ,quick And cheap instructable. Normally my guitar picks are messing around all my house , gig-bag , desk ,or in other places ....

So I found an empty match-box laying around , and after a couple mods , Voila ! , a neat pick-box

Let's get started

Step 1: The Materials and Tools

You'll need :

#- And Empty or old Match-box , One with a neat design
#-Your non-organised picks
#-Some Gloss finish or clear Tape ( Scotch Brand works Nice )
T-A Label-Maker with label paper
T-A Pair of scissors
0-Some Super-Glue

*0 means optional*

Step 2: Prep the MatchBox

The Images Have Photonotes , Which by themselves , Are The Instructions ...

Arrows indicate the order of the procedure

This step consists of puting tape over the striking surface so it won't scratch as easily

Step 3: Make a Label

Using Yout label maker , make a label that says "Picks " Using the most compact font available

Step 4: Mixing Label and Box Together

First place the label over the Word matches , Then Trim The label un til just the word "matches" is fuly covered , Remove adhesive protector , Apply The Label , ANd using a little bit more of tape cover the line were the label was applied , Tuck excess tape inside.

Step 5: Placing the Picks

Pretty self explanatory

Step 6: Removing Picks "salt -Shaker" Method

Follow pictures and Photonotes ...

Step 7: Inserting Picks the "piggy-bank" Method

Follow Pictures And Photonotes...

Step 8: Final Thoughts

Well , That was my instructable , I hope it was helpful to you , and/or your friends, Family, or whoever looked the matchbox where you carried your picks .

Thanks For Watching , If You liked it feel free to give me positive rating

Feel Free to upload any modification or tweak , or simply yours in action ..



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    40 Discussions

    I've been using a Sours candy tin to hold my picks for about 3 years except its kinda bulky and i dont need to carry 30 picks with me so i keep 2 in my wallet. I use yellows primarily and orange if its mostly strumming.

    Please, no puns. my friend says the worst ones like, "You need a ghoul friend*maniacle giggles* " because I like Zombies.

    cool im gunna try the gas station near my house tomarow

    A store (Last time i went to the US i saw them at a gas station)

    where do you get the diamond strike anywhere matches cuz i need some and I can't find them

    1 reply

    They are pretty cheap Good , but honestly I prefer The fender ones they dont worn out as fast

    actually the fender ones fade very fast, i took my fender medium, and did like 3 maybe 4 pick scrapes and omg it looked like a saw blade, the tortex ones, i've had the sameones since august!! of 07