A Cube Full of Stars (modular Origami)




Introduction: A Cube Full of Stars (modular Origami)

Hi in this instructable you can find how to make a cube with stars on each side.

It is a modular project made out of 12 square pieces.

Watch the video tutorial !

In order to make this origami you may need some stuff or small "knowledge". So check step 2.

Step 1: Some Useful Stuff...

In order to make this origami you need to know how to divide a square sheet of paper into 3 thirds. You can find a "mathematic trick" to achieve this in one of my other instructable explained step-by-step or watch the embedded video:


I've also made 2 templates of an A4 sheet divided into 6 or 2 squares each of them divided into thirds in order to let you download and print them (PDF files) :

6 squares version : http://adf.ly/1WwDgh (A4, 1 page, PDF file)

2 squares version : http://adf.ly/1WwQ5i (A4, 1 page, PDF file)



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