A Curved Laser Cut Box to Put Your Secrets Inside




Introduction: A Curved Laser Cut Box to Put Your Secrets Inside

This is a box to put all of your secrets in.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need the following items:

  1. A piece of wood, at minimum, of 12 x 24 inches
  2. Adhesive vinyl
  3. Large piece of transfer tape
  4. White spray paint
  5. Gorilla super glue
  6. Craft acrylic paint

You will also need access to the following machines:

  1. Laser cuter
  2. Vinyl cutter
  3. 3D printer

Step 2: Laser Cut the Box

Using a laser cutter, cut your box. I used patterns provided by user RobH here. Using a vector program, I added a thin curved hole on one of the side pieces so that I may effortlessly slip my secrets into the box without having to close it.

If I were to do this project again, I would also adjust the tabs so that they are as long as the thickness of my wood (1/8 inch). RobH apparently used 1/4 inch wood, so his tabs are 1/4 inches long and stick out of my final box.

Step 3: Paint and Assemble the Box

Following the instructions on the back of the spray paint can, paint the exterior side of your box.

After the paint has dried, following the instructions provided with the super glue, assemble your box.

Step 4: Add Pzazz: Cut Adhesive Vinyl Accents for Your Box

How will your friends know that this box contains your secrets unless it is explicitly stated? Using your imagination and a vector editing program or downloaded pre-made vectors, (searching for vintage book covers or decorative borders seem to yield good results), design a cover for your box.

Using a vinyl cutter, cut your design. Using a small sharp object, like your mother's safety pin, remove the vinyl that you wish not to transfer.

Afterwards, apply the adhesive transfer paper on top of your design, carefully peeling back the transfer paper so that all parts of your design are stuck on your adhesive transfer paper. Apply this to your box, carefully pressing the vinyl to the box and peeling back the transfer paper to separate the vinyl on the box from the transfer paper, which should now go in the trash.

Step 5: Add More Bling: 3D Print a Mushroom

I used this user's design here.

Using craft paint, I painted the base white and the head red, and using super glue, I glued it to my box.

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    That looks cute :)