A DIY Chin Up Bar!





Introduction: A DIY Chin Up Bar!

About: Update 12 September 2017: A very special thanks to Sam Elder, a manager here at Instructables, who tracked down the cause of my lost publications and fixed the issue. Take a bow Sam!

In my middle age I need a bar to hang from after exercising with heavy weights. Also I want to resume chin up exercises like when I was a teen. Here is how I made my own chin up bar for less than 70tt. All it took was half hour of my evening.

Step 1: The Materials.

A pair of sturdy L brackets and 4 anchor bolts.

Step 2: Marking.

Using my level and step ladder I marked out the holes for the anchor bolts.

Step 3: Drilling!

Using my cordless hammer drill I made appropriately sized holes in the concrete wall. The lower hole was not deep enough for the anchor bolts. I used a nylon rawl plug in it.

Step 4: Mounting the First Bracket.

Using the nut and washer I secured the top. A Phillips head screwdriver I used to drive in the screw at the bottom. Now the bracket is securely mounted to the wall.

Step 5: Mounting the Second Bracket.

Pulling a measurement of my straight bar, I installed the second bar 38cm away on the other side of the door frame.

Step 6: Completion.

Using 2 bolts with nuts I installed them as stoppers. Next I put the straight bar on the brackets and viola. My very own low cost chin up bar!

Now I can stretch my Spine and also add new exercises!



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    that's awsome idea!, I have a bar in door jamb but there is not enought space for all exercises, love it

    1 reply

    That looks great.

    I wish to make one, but I do not know if it will hold up. Isn't there a specific place on the walls where you are allowed to drill as per structural engineering standards (ex: no drilling on the columns, etc.).

    Also, did you just take a "guesstimate" as to how much weight it will carry? I'm afraid if I make one and it loosens up, mid-chinup, it will end up being permanently lodged to my skull.

    1 reply

    For brick walls you can drill and install anywhere. Drywall cannot be used. The brackets had their loading capability on a sticker so my 180lbs body weight can easily be handled by them. For anyone into daily exercise, a chin up bar is essential.

    I like it, just be careful with how much weight you load it with

    1 reply

    Thanks man. Yup I'm careful with all my exercises and the brackets are holding up great so far.