A DIY Sign Just for Mom – Bestest Mom in All of the Land Stencil!

Introduction: A DIY Sign Just for Mom – Bestest Mom in All of the Land Stencil!

About: There is nothing I love more then making something new and usable again that someone else would have thrown out or torn down! And there's no reason to buy new when you can build it yourself!

A DIY sign out of barnwood just for my Mom on mother’s day – The Bestest Mom in All of the Land! Is it just me are the most incredible women in our lives the hardest people to buy for? I saw a Facebook meme once that said, “My Mom deserves a tropical island all to herself and spa treatments forever and all I have in my bank account is $3.27” lol – that about sums it up! How on earth could we ever get someone so amazing anything that could begin to show us how important they are?

I spotted this stencil over on Stencil Revolution and knew I had to get it before mother’s day! This farm I live on is where my Mom grew up so I knew I had to grab some pretty wood out of the barn just for this. I don’t have a ton of experience with stencils but I knew I had to keep the paint on my brush to a minimum. (In the past I’ve used wall decals from Amazon but I love the fact that I can keep reusing any aspect of this stencil I want!)

After sanding and cleaning the boards up I applied my stencil by tapping the paint on (not brushing) and with very little paint on the brush. Once dry I applied a coat of poly acrylic sealant.

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Step 1: Hooks, Completion and Hanging

From there I went back and forth on how I wanted to connect the boards. At first I was simply going to add a back to connect them all to and then I thought, “Why not hang them from each other?”

I grabbed some eye hooks and regular hooks from my local Ace Hardware and put the eye hooks on the bottom of each board, then connected the hooks and hung them through. With eye hooks in the top board I simply looped some twin across the top and used it to hang the whole sign! From there I brought this, a card, a plant and the making for garlic butter shrimp and tortellini pasta over to my mom’s house. There really is so little that words could possibly express how much this woman is the pillar of my life. I signed the back of the sign and dated it with an I love you.

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