A DIY Stylish Ring Made From a Bathroom Tile




Introduction: A DIY Stylish Ring Made From a Bathroom Tile

This DIY is so easy I’m almost embarrassed to post it as a DIY, (almost) ;-)

So…I’m working on some projects around the house and we have extra bathroom tiles lying around which made me think, “Hmm…I could use a piece of tile to easily make a super cute ring.” So I did!

To see the tutorial on my blog, here's the link 


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Step 1:

You want to make one too? Here’s what you’ll need.

A small piece of tile.
(You can buy sheets at Lowe’s or Home Depot of all kind of really pretty tiles. Yes, you will have lots leftover, but think of all the rings you can make! Or you can use the tiles for another project like I plan to do.)

Nail file

Ring base
( I got mine in a package of 3 from Michael’s Crafts Supply)

Fingernail polish

Super Glue

Step 2:

Step 1: Pull a tile you like from the webbed backing. File any extra glue or whatnot off the bottom edges with your nail file. (FYI…I chose a very glassy, mirrored like tile because I liked the way it picked up other colors that surrounded it. As you can see from the 3 finished images, the ring looks different at every angle…which is exactly the look I was going for).

Step 3:

Step 2: (Optional) I didn’t want the white glue on the bottom of the tile to be seen so I decided to paint it with some finger nail polish. If yours has this glue too, turn your tile over and paint it whatever color you’d like.

Step 4:

Step 3: After your nail polish dries, place some Super Glue on the flat part of your ring base then set it upside down onto the backside of your tile. Let it dry completely.

Step 5:

And that’s it…you are done. Now you have a new stylish ring!

Isn’t it cute? The best thing…it isn’t heavy at all and it’s really comfortable to wear. I now have a favorite new ring…besides my wedding ring, of course ;-)

Again, to see the tutorial on my blog, here's the link http://fabyoubliss.com/2012/06/07/make-a-stylish-ring-with-a-piece-of-bathroom-tile/

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You inspired me to make a few like this for my wife, for her birthday, last year. I also found some pendant bases so she got matching sets.

    She loved them!

    I heart! I saw some gold subway tiles on a Design Sponge post in the last month. It would be too expensive to put tiles in my bathroom with the gold ones, but this makes it doable!!

    That is really cute and so simple! But not everyone would think of doing it; thanks for sharing :)