A DOUBLE Elder Wand!!




  1. 3 pieces of paper
  2. tape
  3. scissors (optional)
  4. paint
  5. decorations

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Step 1: Make a Base

Take one of the pieces of paper and roll it into a tight tube and tape it. The length of the paper determines the length of your wand.

Step 2: Make the Knobbles/ Studs

Take another piece of paper and cut it into long lengthwise strips of different widths. Leave 2 strips of equal width aside. Then seperately wrap the other 5-6 strips around the tube. Tape them to the tube so they don't fall off.

Step 3: Make the Extra Wand

Take the third piece of paper and roll it up. Then take the remaining 2 strips of paper and wrap them in one knobble and tape them to the end. It should fit inside the other wand.

Step 4: Decorate Your Wand(s)

To make your wand cooler stick some feathers, holly, or even a twig from an elder bush! Being paper you can even paint it. Also, you can dip the tip in different concoctions. On the thinner extra wand I wrote Harry Potter and on the outer thicker wand I wrote Antioch Peverell in Ancient Runes. The spell which works best with my wand is Winguardium Leviosa.

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