A Doodle Bird in Minutes

Click on the Link n watch the full tutorial http://bit.ly/1LKkKou

A new Nice and Easy Tutorial is up for you guys. (Doodle drawing). This time i just went for a simple and beautiful bird design, inspired from Zentangle design this time. I am in love with the final result of this design how it looks like in the end. I tried my best in drawing it & put my best skills in editing it for you guys.

I am not a professional artist do this whenever I am free and want to, so whatever I do I have learned it by trying & noticing other artists.

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In this Doodle design I did the basic outline with a Normal Sketch Pencil and it was quiet easy to do the Bird outer sketch with it as it is not that complex design to draw. What I did in this Bird doodle design is I picked the design in two portions. What i was making on the left wing of the bird doodle design. I tried my best to draw it identical on the other side. To make it look similar on both wings, you can draw different designs too to make it look more vibrant and full of doodle designs. :)

It is the shortest of all the tutorials been uploaded so far. In this video tutorial I tried my best to showcase the design in the best way and to cut short the movie time in such a way it is not going to hamper the tutorial quality. Showing full design in normal mode would make this video a bit long and boring for you guys to watch it. My attempt was to cut the movie in such a way so that you guys can learn & don’t have to wait too long for the doodle to get finished, so use Play/Pause button accordingly.

I made this Doodle on a drawing sheet (12” x 10”) with just two black markers. (One for thick lines the other for sharp lines) you can choose the color that you want to use in it, to make it even more colorful & interesting.

Any feedback on the video is more than welcome, write in the comment below I will try to answer it in the best possible way and as early as possible or shoot me an email to (Something4allofus@gmail.com)

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