A Fairey or Angel

About: I'm a cute girl who loves diys so just ask me for help And also I want to give a shout out to my first follower silly hearted (I do a shout out once a week)

This is a vary cute fairey or angel the fairy has some tribes and the angel doesn't but here's the tribes
There is the water tribe the nature tribe the sunlight tribe the tinker tribe and the animal tribe. I painted a Nature tribe fairey the way to start is make a head shape with a point at the bottom. Then you add the hair that can me wavy curly and kind and you do the clothes it matters what tribe the nature tribe weare leaves the water tribe wearers water the animal tribe wearers furr the tinker tribe wearers welll enything they can find and the sunlight tribe wearers flower petels
And you can add enything to the face but you have to add the eyes first and I kinda was sloppy on my eyes sorry ok and for the last thing the magic it matters what tribe you want the tinkers fix thing the nature tribe makes stuff grow the sunlight tribe make sun go on the flowers and stuff the water tribe do enything that goes with water or lives in it and the animal tribe helps wild life and that's it



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