A Family Fun Craft Box!




Introduction: A Family Fun Craft Box!

About: Tsc stands for totallysupercreaitve. Please if you like what I make follow me! I like riding any thing with a engine or motor. I also like build weedeater bikes and chainsaw bikes also mini choppers. I ...

OK I made this for the Dadcando family fun conest so plaese vote for it and If you like what I build plaese sub to me!!!

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Step 1: Stuff!

Stuff you need:
Mod poge,
A little box,( you can find a box at Joanns of all kinds of sizes and shapes.)
paint brush,
someing thing that cuts,
A family,

Step 2: Family Time!

OK now get the stuff you need and you're family  and start cutting stuff out of you're magizes that you want on you're box is!

Step 3: Mod Podge!

OK now put the mod podge on you're box is then put the piture on top of the mod poge.

Step 4: More!

OK now put the  mod poge over the picture! and let it dry!

Step 5: Done!

 Repeat the steps to the box is cover in pictures it  they look nice and feel  smoth! and you're done!!!

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