A Fashion-first Bracelet Combines 5 Gadgets in 1 for Smartphones (Part II)




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Intro: A Fashion-first Bracelet Combines 5 Gadgets in 1 for Smartphones (Part II)

Hello guys. I’m back. As I promised, I’ll update the following parts—add the charging function to the cable and the final prototype of this bracelet.Watch Video and Demo click here and here is the Part I

Step 1: Add a Switch on the OTG Cable

I add a switch on the OTG cable to control different functions and a USB A Male to Male Adapter.

Step 2: A Self-made USB a Male to Male Adaptor

With the help of my friend, we made a chip with USB shells as the USB A male to male adaptor, which could be used as a Micro-SD card reader and connected to the charger.

Step 3: Finished (it Is Not Over Yet)

As I said before, the gadget I want to make is a wearable, so that people can wear it every day and help them when it’s necessary, such as you forgot the charging cable at home but your phone is dying, your phone is insufficient storage while capturing precious moments…

People use technology some of the time, but wear fashion all the time.

I hope the wearable could look good, be a real fashion accessory, a stylish bracelet.

I invited my friends to draw some sketches and I also designed the appearance in 3D printing.

Step 4: Part III Prototype

Thanks for God, 3D printing is really a great helper for makers.

I have never done the 3D printing before, but it is a cost-effective and convenient way to verify the correctness and feasibility. I wanna try it.

It took me almost one month to learn to use the Rhino. I really like the feeling of accomplishment when finished.

I designed the inner structures by myself and here is the 3D printing models, for protecting and connecting the two ends of the bracelet.

Step 5: Assembling Again

In order to make the bracelet in the most proper size, some parts need to be modified. I removed the shell of USB female and polished the plastic part according to the size of chip shells.

Step 6: Here It Is, the Finished Part of USB Female. Then the Switch.

Step 7: Protecting the Wires

Those welds are fragile.I used heat shrinkable tubes to protect wires, which could make them more strong when being used.

Step 8: Put Them Into the Model

One end finished. Assembling the other half.

Step 9: Making the Other End


This the first version of prototype. As I am not very satisfied with it, so I asked for my friend to design its appearance again for improving it to a better looking.

Step 11: Manuscricpts

This is the whole story of how I made this bracelet.

Be interested in how does the finished bracelet look like? Check here for more surprise.

And I really want to thank all that help me and give me suggestion during the whole process.



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    2 Discussions

    The Life Hacker

    1 year ago

    Could you add more features? You could add features such as: a small camera, a small LED for a flashlight maybe.

    1 reply
    TimL122The Life Hacker

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for your suggestion! But we need to consider about the design and size of the bracelet. Anyway, we'll improve the appearance and features if possible.