A Fast & Simple Doorbell for Your Bedroom

Introduction: A Fast & Simple Doorbell for Your Bedroom

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This is my first instructable and I am sorry about my lack of REAL pictures. 

I was inspired to make a doorbell for my bedroom just for fun and now I am posting it on instructables for the world to see.

Hope you like it!   :D

To make it you need:
1 tweezers
1 push button momentary switch
1 motor, super-bright LED, OR buzzer
1 2 AA battery clip
a sheet of paper preferably thick
exacto knife
a soldering iron w/ solder
duct tape
1 lego plate or some other surface with large bumps

Step 1: Making the Box

If you are going to make a doorbell you might as well make it look relitively nice.

I made a paper box  (3 cm x  3cm  x  3cm)  and put a hole in the front (for the button) and one in the back (for the wires). To make the box I got a template for a cube (basicly 6 squares in a cross shape)  and put my holes in and Put the momentary switch in its respective hole. next I soldered two peices of wire to the momentary switch, folded, and glued. Duct tape will work too. Using tweezers feed the wires through their respective hole.

Step 2: The Alarm-Buzzer

If you want your doorbell to make a buzz, you can get a buzzer and put it into a very simple circut with the momentary switch. Solder the positive lead of the buzzer to the red wire on the battery clip. Solder the negative lead to one of the wires leading to the momentary switch. Solder the other wire on the momentary switch to the black wire on the battery clip.

It should look like this:

Step 3: The Alarm-LED

If you are deaf or would rater have a light alarm, you can just replace the buzzer with a LED!

REMEMBER:Do NOT solder the LED in backwards. Soldering is a measure twice, cut once sort of deal.

if you have trouble telling if your LED is backwards or not, here are 2 ways that you can tell 1-the flat spot is over the cathode, or negative end. 2- the longer wire is the annode, or the positive end. ( See picture 2 )

Step 4: The Alarm-Motor

This is what I did on my own room. I put a thick piece of electrical tape on the metal rod of a motor and taped it to itself. Then I taped the motor to a lego plate. When current goes to the motor it spins the tape paddle and it hits the bumps on the legos and makes a MRRRR sound. Just tape a piece of tape to a motor's rod on botth sides and hook it up instead of the LED or buzzer.

Step 5: Conclusion

Congrats! you have built a doorbell and you can install it in any way, shape, or form!

hope you liked it!



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    9 years ago on Step 3

    Heres a good way to rember is your LED is back ward or not : Being short is negetive for LEDs