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Introduction: A Geek Can Be Romantic

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I am not a great romantic guy but you know, sometimes, you need to prove your "LOVE" to your girlfriend. :)

So I created this original gift for her.

It is a heart in wood with el wire and leds. which lights with a magnetic interruptor.

Let's see the different steps to explain this romantic gift!

To do it, you will need:

- 1 pink el wire
-3 x 1 cents € (to create a magnet circuit)
-red paint
-12 white leds

Step 1: Draw the Heart on the Wood Plate

I draw a heart in a wood plate of 3mm thickness. It is pretty easy to find in a diy shop and not so expensive.

I draw the message "je t'aime" and pre-marked holes to drill them to put the el wire.

Then I drilled the wood plate and tested first the cable lengh!
By this way I preformed the el wire!

To cut the wood plate I used a hacksaw but it is much easier to use a jigsaw (unfortunately I don't have one).

Step 2: Shape the El Wire to Write "Je T'aime"

To write properly "Je t'aime" with the El wire I needed to drill smaller holes to fix and shape it discretly.

I didn't have a really small driller so I used a needle. (it is quite tricky as I attached it with wet paper around the needle inside the dremel).

I cut thin metal wire to attach the el wire properly and shaped it. 

Step 3: Paint the Heart and Add the El Wire Again

When the paint is dry you can put the el wire and add wires to fix letters!

I added 3 extra holes to do an extra el wire heart. 

In the middle of this heart you have a coin stick on the back of the wood board to attached the magnetic switch. (it is the switch off position)

Step 4: Create the Led Circuit With Magnet

I used 0.01€ cent for circuit and magnetic properties.
I used a glue gun to stick coins.

And I put two coins to create a magnetic switch ! (easy and funny)

I glued led all around the main heart shape.
After finishing soldering the all circuit I glued everything to protect leds and solders  :)

It is obvious I created a derivated circuit to keep a 3 volts energy supply and keep it work even if a led no longer works.

Step 5: Final Result :)

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You know sometimes I have to be kind of romantic.
    It is easier to build something than say something.
    It is one of the geek disease ;)