A Ghostly Bouquet




When I was six, my parents bought me a marble contraption set, and I have been building stuff sin...

Have you ever wanted a easy Halloween treat to make/hand out, or a Halloween themed centerpiece? Look no farther than the ghostly bouquet!! These ghosts can be used as a centerpiece, with their stunning looks, or can be candy, with their sweet inside!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need;

-A tissue or napkin

-A large sucker

-One rubber band

-A sharpie

-And a styrofoam cone

Step 2: Making the "Body"

The first thing to note is the different lengths in body. If you want a body that is longer, I would advise using a tissue. Want a shorter body? Use a napkin instead. When you are ready to make the body, crease the napkin/tissue from the top of the sucker to the top of the stick. Then wrap a rubber band around the top of the stick to keep the head in place. Finally fluff up everything except the head to make it look like the ghost is flying!

Step 3: Drawing the Faces and Finishing Touches

Great!! You are almost done with making your ghostly bouquet! Now all you need to do is draw a face on the napkin or tissue, and you are done with your project! To make into a bouquet/centerpiece, just make a lot of ghosts, and stick them into a styrofoam cone. These are great treats to hand out during Halloween, or use as a nice centerpiece at a Halloween party! Thanks for reading, and happy making!!!

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    3 years ago

    This reminds me of the teru teru bōzu dolls! :) so cute!

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