A Gingerbread Man From a Clay Pot




This is a cute and easy Christmas craft made from a little clay pot.

Step 1: A Gingerbread Man From a Clay Pot

Making a gingerbread man from a clay pot is an easy Christmas ornament. You only need a few crafting supplies. Start out by tapping a nail on the top of the doll head to make a pilot hole.

Step 2: Paint the Clay Pot and Doll Head in a Gingerbread Color.

Step 3: Screw a Screw in the Pilot Hole. Then Hot Glue the Doll Head on the Pot and Paint a Little Face.

Step 4: Glue White Buttons on the Front of the Little Gingerbread Man. Tie a Little Bow and Glue Where the Head Meets the Pot.

Step 5: Hot Glue White Rick Rack Tothe Bottom of the Ornament.

Step 6: Your Little Gingerbread Man Is Ready for the Christmas Tree. for More Details Please Visit Www.shoppeno5.com.



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    1 year ago

    I really love this idea, they're lovely!

    I'm sorry if it says it in the instructions, but what is the head made from? I really want to make them! :) (Thank you).

    Thank you. I generally hang it on the Christmas tree inside but didn't happen to have the tree handy when I took the picture so I hung it on the magnolia tree outside.