A Gorgeous Jewelry Holder Out of Waste

Introduction: A Gorgeous Jewelry Holder Out of Waste

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When you return from work or any party probably very tired and not in a mood to place the jewels in the perfect place! Of course while in a hurry for going somewhere you don't get your necklace or bangle or any other stuff on time just because you forgot where you kept them.

Don't worry I've got a simple yet nice solution for this problem. This will obviously help you to manage space as well as conserving your precious time. You need not have to panic during the dressing time anymore.

So what do this project is?

Yes, Friends. It's a beautiful jewelry holder which you can make very easily out of old stuff. Using this project you can easily access to your jewelry and also able to arrange them in perfect order.

Actually guys I've presented this jewelry holder to my mom on her birthday. Previously, when she returned from work she become extremely tired but now she can easily handle her jewelry and also able to spend time with us without getting not so tired.

The materials needed for making this project are:~

Step 1: Materials We Need

1) newspaper

2) Cardboard sheet and roll

3) Black chart paper

4)Mount board

5) Hot glue and Cellotape

For decorating purpose we need to have

•Golden and Silver Coloured paper

•Colourful crystal and tapes

•Ribbons and white flower

Step 2: Cutting and Pasting

Take a newspaper and start folding it from the corner. It'll form a cylindrical figure and paste the ends with either glue or Cellotape. Take another Newspaper and do the same. Make sure one of the newspaper roll must be bigger than the other one.

Also don't forget to cut the cardboard roll into 2 pieces and one piece should be bigger than the other one.

Now cover the rolls of newspaper and cardboard, with black chart paper.

Also don't forget to cover the cardboard sheet with black chart paper as well.

Step 3: Fixing the Model

Decorate the rolls with silver coloured paper on the both ends.

Take the bigger cardboard roll and stick it in the middle of the bigger newspaper roll. Do the same for the smaller one also.

It'll form a "T" shaped figure. Now stick the T shaped figures on the cardboard sheet(base) with hot glue.

Step 4: Decorations

Now cut 2 medium strips of mount board of equal sizes. Stick one end of a strip with the other with Cellotape. Do the same with the other strip.

It'll form a bangle shaped figure.now decorate them with golden coloured paper and shiny red Cellotape. Paste them over the base with the T shaped holders.

Decorate the project with crystal, ribbons and white flower.

Step 5: Thanks for Everything

Last but not the least I would like to thank the entire Instructables team for creating such a wonderful field through which we can display and share ideas through this beautiful medium.

Step 6:

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