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Hello friends , I've made this lotus flower Lamp very easily with a few simple materials. My grandma is very special for me.She usually likes to elope herself in pujas and meditation on the God's name. She is a kind of pious and religious old lady.

Often when we together go-to the local fair I used to notice that she likes to linger near the flower shop as it was decorated with different kinds of artificial flower. My grandma use to buy specially the lotus and the "Jui" flower as they are very useful during special pujas.

During the Laxmi puja at our home, I myself used to fix chain lights on the wall so that the room look good and Goddess Laxmi don't have live in dark at night.But there was a problem of fixing the large chain light on the walls with Cellotape.

Chains can easily catch fire as there are lots of candles, incense sticks and Pradeeps lighted during thepuja.And it was my grandma's dearest wish of a flower Lamp she would used for lighting.

Step 1: Introduction

That's why friends I've thought to make something interesting and creative. I have merged the idea of my grandma's favorite flower lotus with the light connection to make the beautiful lotus flower Lamp.

Though I have made mistakes while progressing in this project I've tried my level best to complete it.

I'm a class 9 student that's why I don't know so much stuff about cementing or mechanics or casting.

But I just love to do crafts so I've made this simple project out of some generally used waste materials such as plastic spoons.

My grandma is very happy after I presented this lotus lamp to her as now she can easily light the room with a simple method, just turn the switch on.

Step 2: Materials We Need to Make This Project

For making the flower:~

•Plastic spoons (at least 70 pieces required)


•Hot glue

•Plastic cup

For lighting:~

•a small LED red light



• 2 pin plug

Step 3: Cutting

First of all , take the scissor and start beheading the spoons.Cut all the spoons in almost equal shape for it'll make the petals of the lotus flower look beautiful.

Step 4: Pasting

Now, take one of the spoon head and carefully paste it on the back of the plastic cup.Take another one and paste it by the side of the previous one.start pasting the spoons one after another.until it forms a lotus structure.

Step 5: Lighting's

Now take the fix the LED bulb carefully on the holder.Take the wire and connect the two ends of the copper wire with the light holder. Don't forget to fix the two pin plug at the other end of the wire to make it safe while connecting with electricity.

After completing turn on the light especially if the room is dark.

Step 6: Turn on the Light

After you have finally finished all the wiring and decorating purpose you can gift it to someone else special to you or you can simply use it for decorating your room.



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