A Graphic Book - a Collection of Graphic Imagery.




About: I am a British Graphic Designer and Photographer, when I am not working, I spend my time making an array of projects. I used to make a lot of props, but now I spend most my time building crazy cameras and sh...

This is a big project i completed about a year ago. Its a graphic book, with a series of mixed media images.

The images started off as photos, i then used paint, inks, and other mediums to produce a variety of effects, i scanned them, then pushed them through photoshop, combining the images with the orginal photos, and using various layer blending.

I then created a card front and back cover, and bolted the whole lot together with a few layers of thin see thru paper.

Finally i created a little holding bag, from an old photo paper pocket.

I adorned both the book and pocket with a peice of old banner i found on a wall.

(also not the big block on the final page - i stole this from a local bulding site!)

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