A Home for Every Horse by Buddy & Robin Hovermale

Warren Hovermale: 4/9/1969
Robin Hovermale: 2/26/1971

Our project is called "A Home for Every Horse".  We would like to use some of newly bought 12 acre pasture to create a foster home and rehabiliation facility for abused and neglected horses.  We have currently 4 horses and a donkey in partnership with the Animal Protection and Education Association - www.animalprotectionms.com (Please visit and view the need).  Our video displays the results of what we have accomplished with a little work and plenty of love and patience. 
Winning the Jack Daniel's Independence Project would allow us to expand our barn to accomadate up to 12 horses total, and purchase equipment to improve the pasture with proper nutrition.  Our local shelters, Society for Provention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and the APEA are so over crowded with animals they are no longer able to take in more horses, we would be able to relieve some over crowding and foster horses until they can be placed in a good home.  This award would allow us to maintain this project  for many years to come and help us to bring these majestic creatures back to good health and with a family who will love them.

If we win this is how our money will be spent--
** 15,000 - barn updates and expansion
** 7,000 - tractor/ pasture equipment
** 1,500 - seed for pasture / hay
** 1,500 - horse essentials: winter blankets, halters, ropes

All vet attendance is completed with the assistance of the APEA.  As you can see the items will set a strong foundation to support many horses throughout many years.



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