A Humble Photobooth


Introduction: A Humble Photobooth

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We threw a FIRST birthday party just yesterday, for our lil one, a Circus-themed. Fun decorations, great foods, awesome companies, and entertaining popcorn and candy floss ‘stations’. Since it is winter and our place isn’t huge, within our budget we tried to make it as fun as outdoor party. The highlight of the party which was adored by not just the kids but the adults also, was our humble photobooth!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is cardboard box, sticky tape, white carton, stickers, wrapping papers, and stapler. Balloons aren’t even necessary, but if you have them, that would be a plus.

Find a cardboard box that is long in measurement. For example, the one we used here was for a kid’s plastic quad. You can use a long fan cardboard box, or bicycle cardboard box, mini-fridge cardboard box, etc, you get the idea.

We got some leftover wrapping papers from Christmas, so we used the long cartons (the rolls). If you don’t have them, you can use long sticks, long thin woods, anything long, I suppose.

Step 2: Let's Start!

Make 2 holes on the cardboard box as shown on picture. Wrap the cardboard box nicely. With the same wrapping paper, wrap 2 wrapping paper-rolls.

Cut rectangle the white carton, and with stickers, make a “Ticket” (or tickets, if you’d like) sign. Stapler this sign onto the 2 wrapped rolls.

Push in the rolls into the prepared holes on the cardboard box.

Step 3: Finish!

And you are done.

If you have balloons (from dollar store, comes with sticks to hold), place it on top of the rolls as decorations.

Have fun :)



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    4 Discussions

    this might be a simple project but its an absolute pick of the bunch. The party in itself is a book of records (facts) and what better way to catalog who all came. we can add a lot of technology and other enhancements to it but love the basic idea.

    1 reply

    What a great, simple party idea! I love how you made such a large, standout piece out of on-hand, inexpensive supplies.

    1 reply

    thank you @amberrayh. it was super easy to make and super fun to had for the party :)