A Leather Pouch for the Pocket Fire Box




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When I saw Mr. Sanchez's


I was quite impressed with it and have decided to make my own, since I had recently acquired some Stainless Steel sheet. I have made the pouch first so that it could be entered into the 2019 Leather Challenge.

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Step 1: Material and Tools

I chose two pieces of leather to make it with. One of the pieces was thicker then the other. I put the cut steel on the leather to measure a piece for the back and a bit larger one for the front. The front piece is larger because the side and bottom are folded in so to give some width to the pouch.

If you are wondering about the single tool picture, it is a former CPU lifter that I removed every second tooth so I can use it to evenly space the holes for punching.

Step 2: Assembling the Pouch

I punched the holes on the back piece first and then lined up each side with the front piece and punched corresponding holes.

I soaked the front piece in warm water for a couple of minutes, patted dry, then I stitched the bottom first. Then one side and then the other. Note: soaking the leather makes it easy to work with when stitching.

After stitching I put the steel in the pouch and lightly clamped the sides and bottom until it dried ( which takes about 24 hours). This helps to form the pouch.

Step 3: The Finished Pouch

You will notice that the lower corners have been trimmed off.

Now that this is done I can get to work on the "Pocket Fire Box"

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5 Discussions

john pedersenMr.Sanchez

Reply 5 months ago

Your Pouch looks great Mr.Sanchez, I like the snaps you put on it, Good Luck in your contest!

john pedersenMr.Sanchez

Reply 5 months ago

Thank you Mr. Sanchez, I had some pieces of heavy leather to make it with, and when I saw your stove and had some stainless steel, I knew wanted to make the stove, but the pouch came first.