A Lego Airplane : Little Eagle

Introduction: A Lego Airplane : Little Eagle

About: I'm just a simple guy who likes Lego and papercraft. sometimes I make something out of cardboard.

Hey guys this instructable teaches you how to make my Lego airplane. I call it Little Eagle. I designed this model by myself.so yeah lets get started. P.S. my first instructable. 

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Step 1: The Parts

Step 2: The Body Part 1

First start of with a 2x8 plate adding 2 1x1 slopes at the front.Put a 2x4 plate on the end of the 2x8.Combine them with a 2x6 plate.add a 1x2 plate at the end.Now add a 1x2  plate with studs on the side behind the 1x1 slopes

Step 3: The Body Part 2

Now add a 2x2 slope at the back.At the front of the 2x2 slope add a 1x2 plate with the unique edge.Now add the 2 1x3 "wings".Add a 1x3 plate on top of the Wings

Step 4: The Wings

First start of with a 2x4 plate then add a 2x4 plate.Then add the 2x2 plate with hole at the bottom of the 2x4 plate.Put some 1x1 studs on the holes.Then add 2 2x6 plates on the side.Add the corner plates.Add the grills.Add the 1x2 translucent plates on the end.Then add the round piece     

Step 5: Joining the Two Parts

Just put the wings on the gap 

Step 6: Congratulations You're Done

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