A Light Fast Sled From Stuff I Found at Home

My First Instructable:
 This sled is really fast, light and uses only things I found in my garage.

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Step 1: Make It!

 You will need:
1. Any old skateboard
2. Some plastic sheets (or similar)
3. A staplegun
4. Duct tape
5. Some spanners
6. Scissors

1. Take the wheels and trucks off the skateboard.
2. Put the board on the plastic sheet
3. Trim the plastic about 2 inches all the way around
4. Fold the plastic over and staplegun it down tight about 1 inch  from the edge
5. Trim the plastic as close as you can to the staples
6. Cover all the edges with Duct tape to make it neat

Step 2: Use It!!

This sled works best on hard icy snow and steep hills.
1. Sit on it or lie face down
2. Push off and use your hands and feet to steer and slow down
3. To stop push your feet and hands into the snow
4. Repeat!!

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    8 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You can test out the sled by checking out http://tobogganhills.com/ for a map of local sledding hills, and also adding your own to the map for others to locate and enjoy. :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great IDEA simple too goin for a snow campout and this looks like somethin i may do

    Away from sliding there is sledding with its fine control and ultimate speed.  Economy Toboggan - You`ll need a section of an old wooden or aluminium extension ladder,  pre-drilled stainless steel strips (2), heavy gauge - 20 mm (pref . hardwood, and grade A) ply, dowels, bolts, yault varnish, and towing rope.  Express interest for construction details.  Full consideration, to parallel runners, materials and weight (optimal), weight distribution ( for ultimate speed and control)  Steering can be biult in if desired.  This is a serious sled! ---
    Don`t worry, the steel runners cannot hit anybody, they`ll only reside underneath the sledge!  Watch out for 50 mph impacts.  BIULD THIS BEFORE THE SNOW - It will last you a lifetime:  The optimal materials are alu, stainless, and ash  

    People believe that their home made sledges are fast, because in the south of the country at least, there are only plastic, or other home mades to compare with: The ability of the rider obviously plays a large part.  You can play in the snow, or you can treat sledding as the serious sport which it is, with speeds far in access of what skiing will permit.  It is surely worth buying a sledge?

    4 replies

     Where I go sledding on the few days of the year I can, there was a huge variety of people and sleds. I jumped aboard as the tarpaulin carrying 30 people hurtled towards me, for example. Because the snow was so brief, it was just 'grab whatever you can sit on' to use as a sled. The one in this Instructable I made in 5 mins before leaving. 
    It was people with shop bought wooden ones with metal rails which caused the minor accidents in my experience.

    I was only refering to a wooden palette, car bonnet, steel constructs, and almost everything resembling a serious sledge.  Home made cars, and cars in the wrong hands are dangerous, and I`d argue for the same reasons - Total control is possible at speed, and with both!  I see no problem with people sliding on sheets, sliding at sensible speeds, sliding  in a controled manner, or on any reasonably  soft  construct.  I agree with you that speed in the wrong hands is equally as dangerous, so I`m not actually detracting from your point.  Perhaps we should all have felt some giult?   My experience was that everything home made, and I do mean everything, couldn`t be adequately controled, and I mean by anyone.  We should all be better prepared for the next time?

    With the greatest of respect, celebritydiscodave, you may just be on the wrong website.

    Instructables is all about making things yourself, not about simply going out and buying ready made branded stuff from the shops.


    It looks to me like shiftyeyedbunny's skateboard conversion was constructed in the true spirit of this site, worked just fine and, most importantly, was FUN!

    I`m certainly not suggesting that playing in the snow isn`t fun, and it`s great that those without sledges have been joining in, never mind that home made sledges can obviously be very dangerous.  Their controbution is the making, mine the useing,  both are important, and surely equally in the spirit of this site.    My comments have been partly as a response to a number of very nasty accidents locally, from heavy, sharp, or out of control objects, moving at speed.  Your point is noted.  Without scrutiny of each others points there`d be no point.