A Little Save-a-day Trick for Electricians Tools

Introduction: A Little Save-a-day Trick for Electricians Tools


Have you ever started a wiring fixup and found you had no insulating tape with you? I did.

Step 1: Little Trick for Those Who Left the Insulating Tape Somewhere Else When Fixing Wiring

Never mind, It will be no problem at all if you have this emergency tape dispensers in your tool box.

Just wrap some tape to the tool shaft and put it in the tool box.

And don't stretch the tape when you are wrapping as it won't be straight and nice when you pull it off, just roll it gently.

I'm not putting all my tape on the tools, it's just a last resource to hard situations, but you will find how it's useful at the first event.

But don't do it with those self-fusing high voltage tapes, or you will end up with an unuseful rubber blob around your tools...

Good luck!

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