A Little Yellow Storybook (#21)

Introduction: A Little Yellow Storybook (#21)

About: Grandma Van uses the Instructables website to share little print-and-mail books. Once in a while, she has other fun things to share.

This is the third little PocketMod book in the series.

A Book of Red Things was the first to be published. It's a great little book to tuck in a pocket or purse or bag, and it includes several different activities. The book features many great pictures from openclipart.org.

The Blue Book is a book of rhymes, and it also has illustrations from openclipart.org.

A Little Yellow Storybook has a very simple story with even simpler computer-drawn illustrations.

Coming next: a little PocketMod for the color green.

Step 1: Print.

Print the single-sided PDF on a color printer.

Step 2: Cut and Fold.

Follow the directions on the PocketMod page!



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